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And the fun, it never ends.

Over at Dear Author there is some noise over Red Rose Publishing and the alleged issues the company has with authors, editors, etc. The fun started here, followed by this tidbit, and it’s currently going strong here.

The quick and dirty summary: Dear Author reported some shenanigans; anonymous authors came out; sockpuppets followed; RRP’s owner wants all blog content related to the company taken down; Dear Author pretty much ignores the noise; lawyer-like threats follow; Dear Author pretty much still ignoring them.

The moral of the story: be careful who the fuck you threaten with legal action over the internetz–they may just be real lawyers who not only won’t be cowed by your barely coherent threats but who will actually know the law.  (In simpler terms: be careful you don’t bite more than you can chew.)


  • Mireya
    September 17
    1:19 pm

    Yeah, this time around it’s going to prove interesting. Let’s see if the person in question will be willing to incur in attorneys fees, because once they need to start researching in order to put together a REAL legal document, the attorneys and paralegals fees will start piling :>


  • *G* The picture amuses me… *G* A lot.

    And somehow, I don’t see this going past the C& D letters.


  • Seems like a normal day in romanceland


  • ka
    September 17
    10:12 pm

    Three valuable lessons:

    1. Think twice about sending that email. Don’t write anything in electronic format that you don’t want posted on the web. Way to easy to forward.

    2. Know the lion before you enter its den. Even I (a lurker) knew that Jane was an attorney, she is not easily intimidated, and she shares correspondence with her readers.

    3. Romance readers are very loyal to romance reviewers.

    As you titled this post, the fun never ends.


  • Anon76
    September 18
    2:30 pm

    I’ve always liked the term:

    Don’t let your alligator mouth override your hummingbird ass.


  • sallahdog
    September 18
    7:10 pm

    I always liked don’t write a check with your mouth, your ass can’t cash…


  • I just need to throw my two cents out here, and I promise that in doing so I mean no one here any offense, but honestly I never realized how much drama could be stirred up in blogs and forums and such.

    It seems like at times the online book lover community has been reduced to a bad daytime soap opera. I had no idea I’d find this when I came around the community.

    What ever happened to common sense (as it relates to things like threatening and book content, etc) and the simple enjoyment of a good book?

    By the way, I adore the picture.


  • sallahdog
    September 20
    12:54 pm

    You will find this in “any” online community… Where do the digital ebook publishers advertise? If you aren’t on the internet, you may not even be aware of a lot of them if they don’t do at least some print runs… So it only makes sense if they advertise on the internet, their readers, authors, etc are also on the internet, and if they are having problems that is ALSO on the internet..

    In other businesses or any larger corporation these kinds of pissing matches also happen, but because they aren’t basically conducting business on the internet, you don’t necessarily know about it, unless you dig deeper into business journals, etc…

    It isn’t a function of being women or romance writing, or a love of “soap operas”… Business journals are threatened with litigation all the time when rumours are published or facts are leaking out about companies..


  • I too love the picture. And I must have missed the sockpuppets!

    Sometimes I think certain entities (and I’m not referring to RRP but different groups far closer to home) bluster and make a lot of noice in order to get people to back down. It’s just bullying in a different form.


  • Las
    September 22
    1:26 pm

    It seems like at times the online book lover community has been reduced to a bad daytime soap opera. I had no idea I’d find this when I came around the community.

    You should see what the online soap opera loving community is like!

    Seriously, sallahdog is right on. All online communities are like this. Maybe it stands out more in fandom related communities, but you’ll see it everywhere, in communities focused on everything from politics, to hair and makeup, television and movies, fantasy fricken football, assorted hobbies, etc., etc.


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