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New game: find the logic

A newly married woman in her late thirties says, “Now he can’t leave me.”

A woman in her fifties about a coworker who’s looking for a second job, “I thought she married him so that he would support her.”

A woman in her twenties complains that she’s not making enough money. She gets a promotion–far more responsibility, $0.25 cents more per hour (that’s about forty more dollars a month, before taxes). Next thing she does? Get a new car–new as in this year‘s model, directly from the German cars dealership.

From a group of women in their mid-thirties, over lunch, “… and I finally realized that all the awful things that were happening to me were the result of my lack of obedience.”

A woman serving herself coffee on a cup from the competitor next door, “You are out of decaf, are you bringing more out soon?”

A group of women has been sitting at a table for about four hours. One of them gets up and asks, “At what time do you close?” “We closed ten minutes ago, ma’am.” “Oh. So we can still order, right?”

Reading the menu while placing an order for lunch, “Oh man, I didn’t know that had so many calories! Well, give me the (lower calorie count alternative) instead. Can I have an extra piece of bread with that?”

A woman in her early forties, “I just don’t understand how is it that he can’t see just how perfect I am for him!”

A woman in her late thirties takes a job serving drinks at a strip bar. She’s been told that she can make up to $300 a night. She explains how she had to go get new underwear because the ‘uniform’ consists of a black corset/cincher and really short black shorts. After the first night on the job she quits, shocked  that some of the customers grabbed her ass.

A woman in her mid-thirties, “Could you look in the trash for me? I can’t find my cell phone.”

(All these have been overheard by yours truly, by the way)


  • Anon76
    September 29
    11:06 pm

    Bwahahaha. Thank you so much for this post on this exact day.

    Don’t want to go into my workday/week/month, but lots of WTH moments.


  • Hahaha. I no longer deal with the public. At all. But I do remember swapping war stories like these back in da day with my coworkers and having a good laugh.


  • sallah
    September 30
    12:42 pm

    the obedience bit was probably a bible study class(coffee shops, a very popular place for them)…

    On most of the others, we women are amazing at glossing over inconvenient facts about men, jobs, money… One of my best friends is going through that now after over a decade of marriage, her husband has decided he is not “happy”….

    She always talked about how sweet and easy going he was, she just found out that he was that way because he was lazy and didn’t give a shite….


  • Leslee
    September 30
    2:47 pm

    AHHHHH! That is why I am scared to rejoin the workforce after so many years at home with my kids! Yikes, Yikes< OMG!!!!!!!!!
    I'm gonna go curl up in a ball now and hide from this!


  • That shit made my brain nearly explode. Thanks for that. 😉


  • I drink diet sodas at restaurants, even when I don’t order anything from the “lighter/diet/low cal” choices *g*


  • Patrice
    October 1
    12:50 pm

    Arrrrrgh! See this is the kind of thing that makes me gnash my teeth! Like that comedy routine, Jay (Leno) Walking where no one can answer the most simple questions. Where is our educational system? Where is common sense? Where are the lessons we… Gah….. Yep I agree with Jaci, my brain almost explodes! 😉


  • My pleasure to share, ladies.

    People are forever entertaining, aren’t they?


  • Laura
    October 3
    3:44 am

    I work in the hospitality industry, and I will say that 99.5% of the people I deal with are wonderful. It’s just that the other half a percent make the best stories! 🙂


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