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Urrgghhh, there is nothing worse than sanctimonious twats who happen to have columns in a national papers. I know, there are just too many of them.

Liz Jones has annoyed the crap out of me this morning with her latest column in The Daily Mail, entitled “Oh Do Put Them Away!” With the strapline: “They’re intelligent, talented – and role models for the young. So why do so many TV anchor women dress like barmaids?”

Liz starts:

So, is cleavage acceptable at eight in the morning? Last week, Daybreak presenter Kate Garraway wore an astonishingly low-cut dress on the breakfast TV sofa.
Halfway through the programme, she must have been told to change, as she appeared later on in something decidedly high-necked.
But the image of ample bosom so early in the day set me thinking: why do women on TV, and particularly those on news programmes, have to dress like barmaids?

Here’s a pic of the lady she’s talking about:

You tell me guys, is there anything particularly offensive about how she’s dressed, and in the bars that you’ve been to, is this how they all dress?

The sanctimonious dick continues:

This need to look not just attractive and well turned out but as if they were heading off for a night at Stringfellows infects not just those who present the, shall we say, more populist news programmes, but ones who do the more high-brow stuff, too.
Kirsty Wark is in her 50s and has proved herself professionally, and yet still you get the impression that she spends the day in the run up to Newsnight with her head stuck in Grazia, not The Economist: the Twin Towers shoes, just waiting for disaster; the ill-judged print prom dress; the primary-coloured boxy jackets; the exposure of those knees; and — oh, dear God, no! — the chunky jewellery at her throat.
Kirsty is not brassy, not in the way Kate is, but she offends my sensibilities just as acutely. Here is a woman with no sense of style whatsoever (and who cares, frankly, with a brain like that?), but who still feels the need to dress like French Vogue’s Carine Roitfeld.

Jesus, I’m annoyed right now.

And don’t even get me started on her Newsnight colleague Emily Maitlis, an Oxbridge graduate who speaks Mandarin, but whose experiments with fashion make Isabella Blow seem as conservative as the Queen.
I did email Emily and ask for her input for this feature, posing such probing questions as, ‘Where do you buy your jackets?’ and, ‘Which women on TV did you look up to growing up?’

I’m not going to post any more quotes, my blood is boiling far too much. Anyway, this was the toned down version of my response on the Daily Mail site:

I can’t help feeling that your comments are a generational thing. I watch the news constantly, and I have to say, I’ve never noticed this phenomenon of female news anchors dressing like barmaids.
I’d like to ask how you think barmaids dress though, because unless you frequent somewhere like Hooters, the regulation clothes worn by most bar girls that I’ve come across are jeans and a nice top.

I think you and others like you, who like to think you’re channelling Emmaline Pankhurst, don’t understand the real meaning of feminism. Women should be able to choose what they wear, without being subjected to ridicule by a columnist in a paper that has a history of showing scantily clad ladies in order to boost its circulation.

You, Liz Jones, are part of the problem in this nanny state of ours. Your next commentary should be entitled Woman-On-Woman Hatred, Whatever Happened To Sisterhood?

What say you?

Thanks to Mark (@Borehamwood50) on Twitter for alerting me to the article, and yes Mark, I do believe her remarks probably stem from jealousy.


  • This is how I see it – women have boobs. They’re not a new phenomena. Women can show them off or not. It’s about choice and individuality. And this columnist indicating the way you dress indicates your place in life? She needs the stick removed from her arse.


  • Er… sounds to me like her argument is this…

    “If you’re smart, you’re not allowed to be physically attractive, and if you are, downplay it.”




  • Ah the Daily Fail, spreading vileness from every page.

    Cleaveage, at 8:00am? ZOMG WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN! There are unexploded breasts on television! FEAR THE BOOBIES, we’re all dooooomed

    I just can never quite understand the mindset that views mammaries as the greatest threat to mankind, I really can’t

    Oh and this is astonishingly low cut? Ye gods, what’s her definition of modest – a wimple? Remember, if you’re intelligent and educated you should dress in a potato sack and for gods’ sake don’t show your KNEES! *has the vapours*

    Really, unless news presenters are appearing on TV in string bikinis (and even then) and thongs, does it really matter? Really, when presented by these people she waxes on about how intelligent they are – why does she then obsess about their clothing? Is it relevent? Does it matter if the *OMG* knees are showing? It detracts from them not that they’re wearing such clothing, but that people watch and obsess about the clothing


  • Maddie
    October 4
    5:09 pm

    I’m not a prude but I have to agree with this article, you really don’t look professional if your boobs are hanging out like the lady in the picture.

    If the male counter part wore a shirt that was half way button up with his “manly chest” showing it would be the same.

    In this day and age of “talking heads” that pass them selves off as real journalist dressing like your clubbing later does not help you trying to sell rating to us watchers and reminds me of the whole stripping models who would report the news while sometimes stripping down to their briefs and some stripped to their birthday suits.

    Guess what they were all women who did this by the way


  • FD
    October 4
    6:17 pm

    I read her biography / novel thingamajig a while back. I did make it to the end, mainly because I thought it was supposed to be a parody, but upon discussing it later discovered that it was meant to be serious. At which point I filed her under ‘boring neurotic cow’ and moved on. But yeah, that kind of slut-shaming gussied up as ‘concern’ drives me bonkers too.

    @ Maddie, have you never heard of damned if you do and damned if you don’t – if she didn’t wear ‘attractive’ clothes she very likely wouldn’t have the job. Crummy I know, but seriously, what’s a girl to do?

    And yes it’s women that do this – because we’re the ones that primarily get judged on our sexual attractiveness. Men get to not think about it.

    Gah, now my blood pressure is through the roof.


  • wendy
    October 4
    8:21 pm

    I am sick of people going on about breasts hanging out. It’s the fashion to show cleavage – and knees as well. It’s fashionable to have yellow hair with black roots but I don’t see newspaper columns devoted to it.
    The young lady pictured looks fresh and bright, just right for a morning show.


  • Maddie
    October 4
    9:57 pm

    FD yes I’ve heard of it but still in the world a woman that wears clothes like that to work will not get any respect from both men and women, sad but true.

    Look at what happened with the “so called sports reporter” from Mexico and the JETS she had on painted on jeans and they were tight a half shirt or belly shirt and when she walked into the locker room the cat calls ensued, but hey if you don’t look professional on the job (for men and women) you will not get respect.

    If you want to look like a hoochi mama than they will treat you like one.


  • My apologies if I’m misconstruing what you said, Maddie, but are you saying that the lady in Karen’s post is dressed/looks like a hoochie mama?


  • Maddie
    October 5
    12:37 am

    @ AztecLady

    The lady in the picture does need to cover up a bit because it’s does not look professional to be spouting out the news while dressed like your at lunch with friends the hoochi mama comment was for that reporter from Mexico who looked like she would be clubbing after interviewing Mark Sanchez now this “reporter has the title of hottest reporter in Mexico and posed for provocative photos but is call foul at the players reaction in the locker room.

    My opinion is that talking heads should dress accordingly to the profession that they are in.

    When I worked in retail my co-worker who was promoted to asst. dept. manager would come to work in tight jeans and a belly shirt, I said something to her about her wardrobe, she got mad at me but our manager did have a talk to her about her clothing because she did not dress the part.


  • Personally, I really don’t want to look at an acre of booby over my first coffee of the day.


  • sallah
    October 5
    4:43 am

    The sad thing is, if this lady was an A cup, no one says anything… I am closer to the DD range and even shirts that on someone else would be “cute” can easily veer into looking “slutty” on me… And I am pretty damn sick of wearing turtlenecks in order to not be considered “slutty”…. So suck it up buttercup, the girls are OUT tonight….


  • You’d think they’d have something better to complain about.


  • Sallah, exactly!

    It’s the same shirt, but since I have something to fill it with, people look at me funny.

    Once upon a time, I cared. These days? If it bothers them, they can look elsewhere–particularly since I’m not shoving my assets in their faces, you know?


  • ME2
    October 25
    3:15 am

    I can’t say that I have EVER seen local anchors dressed like that on air at any time of the day and/or night.


  • LS
    October 25
    4:58 am

    I agree with the writer. I’m sick of seeing boobs hanging out all the time. It used to be an evening thing, then an afternoon thing, and now it’s pretty much all-the-time-in-your-face-no-matter-what time. She looks like a bimbo. It’s unprofessional.


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