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A long time ago, I saw this video over at Meljean Brook’s awesome blog:

So, help me decide: does the sound at the end means a parachute opens or… ?




  • I think it’s up to the one watching to decide. Kiwi looks so happy so I say his parachute did open and he had a safe landing.


  • One word: S P L A T!!!!



  • Sandy Jay
    October 10
    6:42 pm

    I see no evidence that he went ‘splat’, so I’m going with the safe landing. 😀


  • It all depends on what version you prefer 🙂

    Initially the idea was that the kiwi does die at the end, and the moral of the story is that we have to be ready to sacrifice anything for a dream that’s important enough.

    However, many people (myself included) felt it was way way too sad an ending, so someone else has taken over and made “the ending” to the movie, with a small red parachute opening just at the right time. Sure, most people complained that it detracts from the greatness of the meaning, and so on — but I for one would much rather see the kiwi escape unscathed, so yay for the alternate ending 🙂


  • Haha, splat. I’m sorry, but it’s splat. You can tell from the tears, he knows he’s “flying” to his death and he’s willing to die for a chance to do it, even once.

    I have to agree with the people who complained about the alternate ending. A parachute would take all the meaning of it and turn it into just a cute video that doesn’t say anything much at all other than that kiwis are funny and adorable.


  • One thing I’d like to point out. This is a cartoon. The kiwi didn’t die! He just went “splat!” and then got up seeing little birdies going in circles on his head, and walked away… a little bit broken (like Wilie E. Coyote) but alive 😀 Hey, there can be more than 2 endings, no? In my head, I didn’t see the kiwi dying 😀


  • oops, repeat post


  • Lisa
    October 13
    12:52 am

    I like Mireya’s answer about him going spalt then dusting himself off and walking away very proudly … it’s what I thought too.

    I want to know why he didn’t put his goggles on …


  • katieM
    October 17
    8:09 pm

    Sad ending. However, we all have something we desire so much that death isn’t a deal breaker.


  • DuLac
    October 22
    5:24 pm

    I also am partial to the dusted himself off and smiled, ready to do that again (when you heal up a little). great way to live life!.. annddd am also wondering, why didnt you wear your goggles?


  • As I recall the first version didn’t even involve a parachute….


  • See, I think the tears are because he is finally flying…or feels like he is finally flying.

    And I’m a great believer in happy endings, so I say parachute…or a big pile of feathers to cushion his landing!


  • SamG
    October 26
    10:16 pm

    I have to say both happy and sad. He does splat, but he went out exactly as he wished and was therefore happy.


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