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Hey Nora Roberts…

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Posted in: Authors MIA

Where are you? I miss seeing your name around RomanceLand…

Come back soon please?

Yours sincerely

Karen Scott


  • Diane V
    January 12
    10:46 pm

    Miss her too…last time that I’ve seen her comment anywhere but adwoff is when SBTB’s book was coming out and Sarah went to TTP for a signing.


  • Nora Roberts
    January 20
    12:44 pm

    Hi, Karen, I miss you, too!

    It seemed like most everybody was just pissed off there for awhile, so I thought I’d back out. But I still check the blogs now and again to see what’s up.

    Apparently what’s up hasn’t changed much.


  • Yay, Nora! Great to ‘see’ you! When are you getting a Twitter account then? *g*


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