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Come With Your Book Recs!

Friday, January 7, 2011
Posted in: Book Buys of The Week, book talk

Soooo, I got £200 worth of Amazon vouchers for Christmas, I know I’m still boycotting them, but what are you gonna do when you get given their vouchers as gifts?

Anyway, I can’t be arsed trolling round RomanceLand to see what books you guys are reading, so I’m hoping some of you will help me out by recommending some books for me to spend my greens on.

I think I’m fairly easy to please, however, I have some books I wont read:

I don’t want any vampire/wolfie recs – Nothing has changed as far as reading them, I’m burnt out on them and staying that way for the foreseeable.

No BDSM shit either. Being a borderline feminist, anything that involves another woman wearing a collar or being ‘pleasurably spanked’ is enough to make me eat my own face.

No hystericals, unless they’re by Kleypas/Sarah McCarty/ Elizabeth Hoyt. Actually, scratch that, American hystericals are fine.

No SEAL books. They tend to bore me stiff more often than not.

Other than the above, I’m easy.

So, what books would you guys like to recommend for me and my £200?