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An E-Publisher Behaving Badly tale? It sure feels like old times.

Anyway, does anybody know much about Decadent Publishing? Do any of you guys write for them? Buy their books, even? Never heard of them myself, until now at least.

According to this rather disgruntled reviewer, DP (I’m trying not to smirk like a two year old at those initials) have allegedly been looking for the reviewer’s personal details as revenge for writing a less-than-glowing review of a book written by one of their authors, a Miss Graylin Fox.

The reviewer writes:

The stupidity of some authors who can’t take a review *ahem* Graylin Fox *ahem*, and must prove, ‘oh, I’m so great’ by running to Twitter and sniping at us has never failed to astound us. You are not the first. We highly doubt you will be the last. We chalk up your attitude to being a newbie and not being able to take criticism.

So it seems we have another Jamaica Layne on our hands eh? (more…)