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So I write mysteries. A series, actually, that follows two main characters and a host of their family, friends and coworkers in a small town–you know how it works, right? The heroine is an Episcopal priest. The hero is the town’s chief of police. They become friends. Good friends. They solve murders and missing persons cases. The Unresolved Sexual Tension rises faster than the body count.

Now here’s the thing: Over the course of the first six books, a lot of people get killed off. They get shot. They get bludgeoned. They get defenestrated (how I love that word!) No one ever came up to me and said, “Julia! How on earth did you know how to garrotte someone with a spool of baling wire?” No one ever looked at me suspiciously and asked, “Put anyone down with a cattle gun this weekend?”

Then I wrote a sex scene. Several, in fact. I had tortured my poor hero and heroine with unrequited longing and forced separation for five books–really, it seemed only fair to finally let them, shall we say, embrace. That’s when the comments started. (more…)