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The Music I’m Listening To At The Moment…

Saturday, February 19, 2011
Posted in: Music videos

Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few newish stuff that I’m loving.

This song by Adele actually moves me to tears, there’s such heartbreak in the words, I love it!

Jessie J’s Price tag is so catchy, it’s always on repeat in my car. I’ve posted two versions, the acoustic version and the commercial version:

Radio Version

Live acoustic version

I never used to be a fan of Rihanna’s music, but she’s definitely growing on me, I’m loving her live performances. My favourite record of hers is definitely Only Girl In The World.

And lastly, I know it’s slightly uncool, but I love this song by little man, Justin Bieber, and how cute is Jaden Smith?

What records are you guys enjoying at the moment?


  • Mariana
    February 19
    7:48 pm

    I love, love, love Adele! She’s fantastic.


  • katieM
    February 21
    3:43 am

    For me, its Ella Fitzgerald and Tito Puente forever.


  • Lisa
    February 26
    5:38 pm

    Adele just touches the heart, this is what happens when you are dealing with a true artist


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