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I just can’t believe that a mother has been jailed for restraining her daughter who was on drugs. Check out the story here.

Here’s an excerpt:

A Kent MP is calling for sentencing guidelines to be reviewed after a mother was jailed for trying to stop her daughter going out to buy heroin.

Julia Saker, from Dover, is serving a 12 month sentence after pleading guilty to false imprisonment.

Her husband, Tim, said she tried to stop daughter, Tabitha, 19, leaving the house in October last year, by taping her legs together round her jeans.

“I am deeply concerned,” said Charlie Elphicke, Tory MP for Dover and Deal.

“I have written to the Attorney General and to Ken Clarke at the Ministry of Justice to ask for the sentencing guidelines to be reviewed urgently and to ask what exactly the judge was doing imposing a sentence like this.”

Tabitha said on Friday she would swap places with her mother if she could.

“She shouldn’t have to suffer as a result of me taking drugs,” she said.

“I think most parents would have felt it was the right thing to do, that she didn’t really have much other option.

“My mother is a very homely person – she doesn’t want a lot, she just wants to be at home.”

Mr Saker said he was devastated when his wife was jailed at Canterbury Crown Court last month.

Seriously, we have repeat offenders who are lucky to get a slap on the wrist for far more serious crimes, and yet, the British justice system sees fit to jail a mother trying to save her daughter’s life? What. The. Actual. Fuck?

The law is truly an ass. What do you guys think? Would you do the same thing under similar circumstances? I think I probably would in all honesty…