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Some more interesting stuff from my Google Reader:

Apparently McDonald’s is no longer the largest restaurant chain in the world. Subway is. That’s right, Subway.

McDonald’s is no longer the world’s largest restaurant chain. That honor now goes to Subway.

The sandwich giant just passed the golden arches in terms of number of locations, according to the Wall Street Journal. Subway had 33,749 restaurants open worldwide at the end of 2010.

McDonald’s had just 32,737 locations open by the same point, the corporation disclosed in SEC filings.

Does this mean, we’re all getting healthier? *Shudder*


  • I’m so not into Subway. Every time I walk past one, it lets off a strange smell that makes me gag.

    But McDonald’s shakes are oh so good. Nummy.


  • ME2
    March 10
    2:43 am

    McDonald’s still earns/makes the most money though. 🙂


  • Anon76
    March 10
    9:27 pm

    I always laugh at those commercials for Subway about the young man who lost so much weight eating their subs.

    Truly, kudos to him for taking charge of his life, but…that amount of bread, even if it is whole grain, is NOT diet friendly. Neither is a huge baked potato, as some places tout.

    I’ve watched a guy at work who bought into the whole “healthy subway diet” thing pack on the pounds for the last six months. Le Sigh


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