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Random question for those people who don’t yet have an e-book reader, which e-book reader software do you prefer out of the following?

Microsoft (LIT) Reader
Adobe Reader
Mobipocket Reader

I’m quite partial to the MS Reader due to the Read Aloud function. I wish my Sony PRS could read to me…


  • BevQB
    April 4
    5:29 pm

    Unfortunately, I prefer MS Reader. I say unfortunately because its DRM isn’t supported in Windows 7 (at least it wasn’t the last time I tried). So I’ve got to hope that my old XP desktop has enough life left in it to allow me to strip the DRM off all my old LIT format ebooks. Ah, Microsoft, I remember you back when you were a real company.

    But anyway, Karen, the reason I prefer MS Reader is because of the bookmark functions and the annotations.


  • I prefer adobe because its easily to load on my Sony Reader.


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