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Got this earlier via another blog post on here:

Hi Ms. Karen,

I couldn’t find another place to contact you, so forgive me if this isn’t the correct way.

The owner of Red Rose Publishing, Wendi Felter has breached my contract and continues to have my books up on the Red Rose website. Per the contract, the required 90 days were over as of March 27, 2011 and all my contract has been through email and certified mail.

I wanted the readers out there to know that if you buy any of my titles at Red Rose Publishing, that the publisher is in breach of my author rights. She has no right to sell my books.

Thank you, Ms. Karen for letting me get my message out. I’ve posted a notice on my Facebook page and am about to post on my blog.

You are more than welcome to contact me should you have any questions.

All the best,
Tambra Kendall

Any comments Wendi?