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Apparently Wendi Felter of Red Rose Publishing, owes people money left, right and centre, and she aint paying up. These people aren’t very happy.

Here are some of the comments:

I’m another person she’s cheated, both as an independent contractor and as an author. She offers diamond bracelets in response to our demand to be paid what she owes us, and does not respond to our inquiries or requests for payment.


Why are people still submitting to this publisher?

I know several others who are going through the same thing. She doesn’t answer emails or certified letters – in fact, I’ve heard she’s ignoring them altogether and doesn’t sign for them. She hasn’t paid authors, editor or cover artists and had decided if they are no longer working there, they aren’t getting paid. The fact they had a contract and did the work and only get paid as the book sells doesn’t matter to her. I strongly advice authors not to submit to Red Rose.

Michelle Sullivan

And another one…

Chiming in as another author who Red Rose Publishing still owes royalty payments. It’s been more than 200 days since the certified letter was delivered to RRP terminating the contracts while the contracts only require 90 days. Still Ms. Felter refuses to respond to emails, phone calls, and letters from me, my attorney, and RWA representatives.

K.S Manning

I’d definitely put her on the Publishers Behaving Badly list!

I’m another dissatisfied RRP author. My cover artists and editors have not been paid in well over two years, despite their contracts providing for payment in the form of royalties for the life of the book’s contract…

Felter holds books hostage, publishes books without contracts, withholds royalties, ignores emails. She refuses to return one author’s rights because she claims that author was overpaid by less than $0.30. When the author contacted Felter to ask how she could send Red Rose the thirty damn cents…no response.


Why are people still subbing to this fruitcake ffs??

There are many that have asked for their rights to be reverted back, but Wendi Felter, owner of Red Rose Publishing, has told authors that she has the choice to comply with the termination letters or to ignore them as she pleases. She has also ignored lawsuits and judements against her. Her NDA clause in her contracts are only for the authors, but she tells them that she has the right to broadcast any and all information about her authors anywhere she pleases. She lies constantly about her social network and what she will do for her authors. She has refused to pay editors and cover artists after they leave her company even though she owes them royalties on books they have worked on. She refuses to pay some authors royalties, because she doesn’t feel like paying them at that time. She also has been known to cuss out and abuse her author pool as a hole through many erratic posts on blogs and other mediums.


If any of you are still buying books at Red Rose, I’d suggest that you probably need to stop doing so. With such bad business practices, I wouldn’t trust this Felter chick with your credit card details, ya feel me?


  • If you buy books at Red Rose Publishing, the odds are very high that the author you bought from won’t get the money.

    We’re talking DOZENS of authors rountinely not getting royalties, not just a few. DOZENS. I myself haven’t been paid for any sales since June 2010.

    The Pissy Little Tyrant Felter must be pocketing the money.


  • Dismayed
    April 9
    6:12 pm

    Thank you for blogging about this, Karen. To much of Romandlandia this is, I’m sure, just another e-publisher implosion (and we haven’t had a good one in a while). To those of us caught up in it, it’s a clusterfuck.


  • Karen… somehow, you always manage to find a picture that just manages to say… EVERYTHING.

    I gotta say… if I know anything about a faltering business? She’s not pocketing the money. There may not well be any money to pocket.

    Doesn’t excuse jack-don’t think I’m making excuse for the crap, because I’m not. But this doesn’t mean anybody is living large in Reno. It’s entirely likely there’s nothing to live large with. Failing companies…well, when they fail? It’s for a reason… (Just my two cents, mind you…)


  • As of April 11, 2011, I, Roseanne Dowell, have no further connections, legal, copyright, or otherwise, with Wendi Felter and Red Rose Publishing. I consider all rights returned to me and I’m not responsible in any way, legally or otherwise for any action on the part of Red Rose Publishing or Wendi Felter.


  • Why are they still subbing? Because some people are desperate to be pubbed and if someone like this chick is offering a contract then they’ll snap it up without paying attention to the fact that the deck chairs are being moved on the Titanic. We all know people who think it won’t happen to them. Common sense, inbuilt skepticism and basic understanding of business principles need to be Writer 101 before you embark on this gig.


  • Anon 76
    April 16
    7:28 am

    Okay, this post sooooooo doesn’t belong in this thread, but at this time of night, and on my swing shift first of two weeks, I don’t care.

    The whole Borders thing sucks swamp water.

    “Under the 11th-hour agreement that Borders hammered out with the Committee, the originally proposed target dates for the KEIP would remain the same, but the amount of the awards would be less, ranging from $1.8 to $4.9 million’ (This courtesy of PW.)

    Suck my butt what???????? These are the lowered bonuses for incompentent dweebs who have f’d up the company so much they are in bankruptcy? Who have f’d up thier payments to publishers so much some authors may never see payment?

    (and the butt thing, sorry. Read a Smart Bitch review of a book and it was still stuck in my mind)


  • Lisa Jackson
    May 31
    12:25 pm

    As of this date, May 31, 2011, I, Lisa Jackson, writing as Kaitey Benoit, and author of the two romance novels Spur of the Moment and Release Me, now consider all rights with regard to said books as having been completely and fully returned to me from Wendi Felter and Red Rose Publishing. I declare that as of this date, I am the sole owner of all such rights, without any exceptions, to both books.


  • R.T.H.
    December 2
    8:09 pm

    It appears Ms. Felter has reinvented herself and not too timid to appear these days – her profile page info claims she resides in Sussex. But the photo is her, and the Utica/Rome (NY) connection is the same as the RRP Felter of infamy. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008438220360&fref=ts


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