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Interesting comment posted on my Thirty Year Old Virgin thread: (The typos are painful, but it’s fairly interesting – if any of it is true that is)

Im a 30 year old male, semi pro skater. Ive got a very good job which pays very well but again i work from home. I play computer games ALL the time, its like an addiction. I only leave the house to go skating which i use as a form of fitness. $40,000 in debt, no friends, no family and ive also never had a girlfriend.

The last and only girl ive kissed (not passionatly, never in my life have i kissed passionatly)was my mom. Im not good at socialising because i cant keep conversation going, i really have nothing intresting to talk about and loose intrest if im not being spoken to, about things i like e.g. skating & computer games. Im in great shape as ive always been very self-consicous, look after my body like a listed building, always smell great (adidas sponsorship – thanks guys for the tops trousers and shower gel etc…)

For some reason all my life ive chased girls and not one of them has been interested in me. My confidence is now non-existing due to all the negitive put downs ive delt with. So im now very, very, very, very loneley, depressed and i only thing i have to live for is my job, which i need to pay of debts. Why are girls / women SO VERY VERY crule?? They can ruin a mans LIFE. Now ive lost my mom i get no attention/love at all and i think in time i may just turn to sucide, unite with my mom and i think i’ll be happy again.

So, how true do we think the above is? Seems like he’s taking the piss to me…