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Laurell K. Hamilton’s moderators are getting as paranoid as the bint herself. Check out this comment on my March 2010 blog entitled Is Laurell K Hamilton Really Anita Blake?

I have been a fan of Hamilton for over a decade. I met her for the first time almost ten years ago, as a junior in high school. She inspired me to become writer, follow my dreams, and not be afraid of rejection. Therefore I think you can understand some of the sadness which comes with saying that Hamilton’s behavior towards her fans has cost her my readership.

I have been continually frustrated with Hamilton’s behiavior for several years. However, at the end of one of Hamilton’s recent blogs, I made the mistake of asking the question as to whether or not the release date of the next Merry book was know. In response to my short question, I recieved the following response from her forum moderators:

“I am hoping that you did not write the post with the intent of coming into Laurell’s house and being rude with your questions. I am hoping that you genuinely were confused and not just being snarky to Laurell because you did not like what you read in her blog. However, even if you were not intending to be rude, this post does come across as snarky and very “in your face” because you were not happy with what you read in her blog.”

I was appalled by the argession, disrespect, and the accuusatory manner in which this was written, in response to what I beleived, an just an innosent question. If this is how Hamilton is now treating her fans, then I can no long count myself among them.

The first thing I thought was wow, this chick wants to be a writer?? Then the second thought was, whatever happened to Darla?…

Fruitloops, the lot of ’em.


  • I do think LKH lives in her own world and those she surrounds herself with are filled with stars and are just as obsessed with her (which I feel is unhealthy, IMO) and anyone who says anything that comes across as attack, even if it isn’t, they will be on the defensive.

    Also I know LKH’s sales have gone way down. I heard she used to have a 500k first print run and now it’s much less than that.

    Author message boards can be scary places because of the rabid fans and mods. That’s why I don’t go on JR Ward’s boards anymore.


  • Mireya
    April 22
    5:50 pm

    I am with KT on this. Sadly, rabid fangirls spoil things for the rest of us and give fandom in general a bad name.


  • DS
    April 23
    8:51 am

    There’s been some rumors floating around that her publisher is dropping the series. Has there been a new one since 12/2009? They were coming out every year.


  • sallah
    April 23
    11:48 am

    I gave up on anita several years ago, but was still checking the merrys out of the library.(they werent great, but were fun in a train wreck way)…. till the last one… I can put up with bad… but boring will lose me every time…

    I used to lurk lkhs boards, but the koo koo krazys got out of hand.. If you didnt say that everything she wrote were pearls, you… were… a… hater…

    Athough to be fair, even if they are right, her antis (who seem to mainly hang out on Amazon) seem just as obsessed with hating everything she says or does, and probably keep her book sales up by reading them, so they can snark them…

    I can’t even say I hate her writing… she just bores the piss out of me…


  • sallah
    April 25
    1:52 pm

    I went over to LKHs message boards, you can no longer even look at it, without being a member.. sheez..


  • BevQB
    April 25
    2:28 pm

    @sallah it’s even worse than that because even if you are a member, if you don’t sign in every so many days (60? 90? can’t remember but it was a fairly short time span), then you have to email the admin to get back in to the board. Frankly, I don’t have time for all those hoops so I haven’t visited the board in probably a year or more.

    Oh and FWIW, I did, and to some extent, still do consider myself a rabid LKH fan, but I don’t wear fangirl blinders.


  • Loreth
    June 20
    11:44 pm

    I used to be a member of LKHs message board until sometihng simlar happened to me. I made the horrendous mistake of mentioning in a post that whenever i read her blog it sounds just like anita. Next time i looked at that thread one of the mods had edited the sentance out and left the message ‘no critisize the author now’ accompanied by an eye rolling smilie face.
    What was particularly annoying was that the mod had edited not only the part about LKH sounding like anita but a large chunk of my post which had completely altered the meaning of it.
    I stopped posting on there after that.


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