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I’ve noticed an annoying trend. It seems to me that every multicultural/IR romance book that I pick up these days has a black heroine who is either ‘Rubenesque’ or “curvaceous”. Not sure why this is?

Is it because the writers themselves are on the larger side, and are telling the story from the heroine’s perspective, or are they simply trying to promote plus sized heroines?

Or are they perhaps trying to sell the dream that no matter how big you are, you can get THE guy? You know THAT guy, the one who is hotter than hot. The guy that every girl wants.

I understand that there are books out there featuring plus size white women, but it feels like EVERY book that I pick up where the heroine is a black woman, also goes to great lengths to describes her as curvaceous or Rubenesque which is basically the PC way of saying they’re fat. I don’t know what my beef is, but The Big Black Woman is a stereo-type that I’m not fond of. In fact, I daresay, it gets right on my tits.

Mind you, look at this book cover, does the heroine look “curvaceous” to you?

That’s another rant for another day.