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I often forget how useful a blog can be. I’m also rather amazed by how stupid people on the internet can be. Stupid, deluded, and vicious. But most of all cowardly. Oh so cowardly.

Most of the comments below are related to a plus sized girl who was in a reality series last year.


“But surely all the excess blubber would go up to her neck?”
Scots Rool

oooh harsh.

“Pushes up her saggy breasts and makes her less bottom heavy.”

Enquiring minds would love to know what Dome looks like… (more…)

I know it’s probably easy for me to say, but I find it incredibly hard to understand why women stay with men who treat them like shit, and make them feel bad about themselves on a daily basis.

If you have a man who constantly goes on about you carrying a bit of extra weight, you need to dump his ass, because he’s as good as telling you that if you don’t lose the weight, he will stray. The fact is though, in all honesty, this type of man will probably stray anyway.

That is all.

This blog post was brought to you by the words, ‘it’s too effing hot to sleep’.