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I often forget how useful a blog can be. I’m also rather amazed by how stupid people on the internet can be. Stupid, deluded, and vicious. But most of all cowardly. Oh so cowardly.

Most of the comments below are related to a plus sized girl who was in a reality series last year.


“But surely all the excess blubber would go up to her neck?”
Scots Rool

oooh harsh.

“Pushes up her saggy breasts and makes her less bottom heavy.”

Enquiring minds would love to know what Dome looks like…

“Possibly its becuase their brains dont compute that there are other things in the world, more imortant things – also possibly because of the resentment that the Skippy Crabeyes wouldnt touch the Bristolian Munters ladygarden with Dave’s Widger let alone his own………and who would blame him eh?”

Nice. I’d love to know what FrillyNix looks like. One assumes she models for Victoria’s Secret?

“There should be a law for Josie never to pose for such overweight pics. good lord her body must be a turn off . it is awful, to get to the honey spot one got to snowboard freestyle over all those humps of mountins and valley low land to get to it eeek omg, eek I can’t believe John James touch that. seen 60 year olds with a better body.”


Oh my.

“Karenknowsbest got a very dark pic that only shows teeth, like a horror movie so unless she fix her pic, it will look like a klingon pic to me with no substance of importance”

Yay, I got an honorary mention. Feels like the good old days eh? These people could even give CC and Ann whatsherface a run for their money.

“…she has no talent, has an awful personality and her shape leaves a lot to be desired.”

I’m assuming that JeanOj is a svelte size 10 model then?

“On topic Joses @rse looks like a bag of marbles the last time I saw an @rse like that it had saddle on.”


“That Karenknowsf’all is a very strange woman,she thinks she is a wise person who is a font of knowledge.Maybe another N.?
Do N’s like other N’s ?

I had a look at her blog and I did laugh at her choice of books .Absolute crap romance shite.”

*Gasp* Oh no she didn’t! Nobody disses romance books and gets away with it! Hey, RomLand, somebody’s dissing romance again. Somebody who by the way, posts on a fictional court thread on an internet forum alleged to be a breeding ground for serial killers in-the-making. I think we know what I’m saying here don’t we?

Incidentally, more posts from Sparc can be found here.

“Given that Josie has nothing else to offer the world than getting horrendously fat and then trying to diet it off again for money, it is appropriate that she be plagued with “sell-U-light””
Happy Tree

Doesn’t this just fill you with warm fuzzies?

“its that bloated spongy crinkled look she has – and those LEGS…………………………………………………… she looks like one of them weebles that wobbles but dont fall down………………………….I dont care if she loses FIVE stone she will still look like a blowsy pasty unhealthy mess, unless she starts exercising properly and giving up the smoking and drinking.”


More delightful posts by FrillyNix can be found here.

My question to all of these people who post all of these highly personal insults whilst hidden behind the safety of their computers is, would you say it to her face?

I think we all know the answer to that don’t we? None of them would even dare say anything to my face. I offered, but all I got was radio silence. Speaks volumes right?

Keyboard warriors without the backbone to back up their hate. Dontcha just love the internet?


  • Kath Langley
    June 20
    12:56 pm

    Apalling racists & cowards, with absolutely no intelligence, & no backbone. Which is why they ”hide” on a forum on Digital Spy , where the moderators are as lax regarding their own Terms & Conditions enforcement as their posters are at owning up to their cowardly hate posts.


  • sallah
    June 20
    1:39 pm

    Its gotten to where on articles and the like that I dont even read the comments… either someone is trying to tell you to go to richboyfriends.com or blame everything on Obama… Article on period cramps? Its that Secret Muslim Obamas fault… Or if its about a woman, its definately all becomes about how fat she is or how ugly she is… Look at articles on Hilary Clinton… Brilliant woman, hard worker, great at her job.. But heaven forfend that her ass looks big in a pantsuit…


  • Has
    June 20
    7:09 pm

    I only hang around the showbiz and shows section the rest seems to be a cesspit especially with some of the political/general discussion threads. I think its easier for most of armchair bigots who are mostly hypocritical to post their insecurity and hate on the boards than look at their own lives.


  • Bad thing about the internet. Makes it so easy for people to hate on others.

    A lot of the haters don’t have the courage to say in person what they’d type out, which, really, in the end, makes them very pitiful (and often pitiable) creatures.

    On a sidenote-I really don’t get how people the appeal of anything reality TV related.

    But do those people get so hooked that they can spend endless hours just hating on others like that? I mean, do they have nothing else in their lives? That’s it?



  • ME2
    June 22
    12:02 am

    Just a small FYI, but, here in the States, a size 10 model isn’t considered svelte. She’d be considered large.


  • Debra S
    June 22
    11:45 pm

    Most people who write things like this on the internet do not have the guts to tell this to the persons face.They hide behind a screen and mouth off.I call them cowards because this is the only way this can be done with out them getting hurt.I mean hit or punched if you say the wrong thing now days you can end up dead.Most of the asshats have no friends loners and I bet do not look like runway models either.People can be found if not careful just because its on the internet smart trackers will figure who you are where you live we know it has been done before.They must spend hours thinking ways to hurt strangers, guess nothing is happy in the lives of these kind of people so very sad life is to short to be hateful.


  • I always figured people who leave rude anonymous comments are people with problems in their own lives who need to be nasty to faceless strangers in order to make themselves feel better.


  • Kath Langley
    June 26
    8:25 am

    It’s actually moderately easy to discover these ”anonymous” posters Twitter usernames. Some don’t have Twitter, but the ones whom I have found who are DS posters often have their tweets protected eg ”Mardymoo2” is Mardymoo on the court thread. Their obsession with Josie Gibson, followed by John James Parton, then Karen, then me , is pitiful 😉


  • Kath Langley
    June 26
    9:07 am

    This Wasn’t the auctioning of her tents to held at this event?

    Wonder how that went and how many were sold and for how much? just posted by ”dome”


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