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I heard about Loretta Chase’s Silk Is For Seduction via Mrs Giggles’ blog. Her review made me curious to read it, as she actually gave it 100 out of 100, which is a bit of a rarity for her.

Now my tastes don’t usually gel with Mrs G’s, but I figured that since I have enjoyed Loretta Chase’s books in the past I’d give it a go. Good job I did too.

Here’s the blurb from Ms Chase’s website:

Brilliant and ambitious dressmaker Marcelline Noirot is London’s rising star. And who better to benefit from her talent than the worst-dressed lady in London; the Duke of Clevedon’s intended bride? Winning the future duchess’s patronage means prestige and fortune for Marcelline and her family. To get to the lady, though, Marcelline must win over Clevedon, whose standards are as high as his morals are…not.

The prize seems well worth the risk. This time, though, Marcelline’s met her match. Clevedon can design a seduction as irresistible as her dresses; and what begins as a flicker of desire between two of the most passionately stubborn charmers in London soon ignites into a delicious inferno . . .and a blazing scandal.

And now both their futures hang by a thread of silk…

The book starts with a prologue telling the tale of how Marcelline Noirot’s scandalously corrupt and amoral parents first met, and I was pretty much hooked from this point.

What I Liked About Silk Is For Seduction


Look What The Postman Brought Me…

Saturday, July 30, 2011
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Isn’t it pretty!

And the first book I purchased on my Kindle is…..

Captives of The Night by Loretta Chase. Shweeeet!

Married, Single, Other – Must-Watch TV…

Thursday, July 28, 2011
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This six part one-off drama about various people in different stages of the relationship cycle was shown on our screens here in England last year, and honestly, it was the best show on ITV all year, bar none. Humorous even during the emotional moments, Married, Single, Other was just a flawless production that totally sucked you in. Even TTG thought it was fantastic. And that’s saying something.

You can learn more about Married, Single Other here, buy from the US here, and buy from the UK here.

The inspiration for this post came from reading a column on the All About Romance blog by Leigh Davis entitled Do Readers Exercise?

I’m not somebody who enjoys exercise, and I generally hate going to the gym (it’s so bloody boring) but I do enjoy swimming and running, and because I’m aware that the older I get, the harder it gets to keep in shape, I try to make sure that I do at least one of the above physical activities per week. At the moment I run three miles (5km) every week, and various friends have been trying to get me to go to Zumba classes and spinning classes with them.

I’m going to Zumba class this week with one of my besties, but if I don’t enjoy it, or I don’t feel as if it’s actually doing anything for me, I wont bother going back. When I exercise, I want to see results. I want to sweat, and I want to feel energised. I’ve been reassured that I will experience all of the above after my Zumba class. We’ll see.

I go through periods of not exercising, but this certainly hasn’t been through excessive book-reading. Luckily for me, my work life is pretty active, and as I travel a lot, I never really feel unhealthy. Well, that is until my jeans start pinching, then I’m forced to cut out carbs and fat for a while.

The following excerpt from Leigh’s post struck me the most:

While poverty does play a part in the same states continuing to top the list, part of the reason also seems to be that if your friends are heavy, then it more acceptable for you to be heavy. If your friends exercise and incorporate a healthy lifestyle then you are more likely to do so, too.

This totally rings true for me. Most of my friends go to the gym regularly, and make it part of their every day life, so I guess I unconsciously feel the pressure to make sure I do the same.

Leigh also mentioned in her post about combining the two things by way of the audio book. I’d probably enjoy going to the gym more if I had a great book to listen to whilst on the treadmill.

I wonder what the stats would be if we got together all the avid book readers in the world and assessed the amount of exercises they undertook on a weekly basis. I suspect that at least 70% of us would be declared unfit, and unhealthy.

What say you? How often do you exercise?

I picked up Cheryl Holt’s Total Surrender last night in an effort to help me sleep. I’ve read it before, but I couldn’t remember a damn thing about the book. That’s sure changed, as the following paragraph will be forever burned into my brain:

“Madam, I just mistakenly had my mouth on your breast, and my hand up your twat, I’d say that makes everything about you, my business.”

Wow, what a charming hero. Who says romance is dead…

Can’t believe it took seven seasons before I discovered how fantastic this show is!

In 2005, TTG and I went to Florida for our annual vacation, and one of my fondest memories during that holiday was the feeling that I got when I caught sight of the Borders book store on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, for the very first time. I of course made TTG pull into the store parking lot.

I’m pretty sure TTG didn’t get it, but that homecoming feeling that I experienced when I set foot into the store, was wonderful.

I went straight to the romance section and I literally could have spent all day there. (more…)

Gone way too soon. Music has lost a fantastic artist.

Total waste.

It never fails to amaze me at how the most hateful people in this world are usually the most religious. They cling to their religious beliefs and commit the most heinous acts in the name of God.

It’s ironic that the truly good people who’s paths I’ve crossed had no religious affiliations.

My heart goes out to the family of the people who were murdered in cold blood by Anders Brehing Breivik, in Norway.

I can’t recall reading it, but my mind is flashing forward to parts of the story that I shouldn’t know about yet. Dammit.

I’m presuming that I must have skim-read the first fifty pages seeing as they haven’t evoked a single moment of deja vu.

And we thought that e-book authors were the only ones particularly gifted with the ‘Shaft-Me’ device. *Jokes*

I know I’m coming in a bit late on this, however apparently, HQN recently sent out a letter to their authors basically telling them that they were going to be digitising their backlists. This is a good thing obviously, but the problem is, they only want to offer them 15% net royalty payments. (How is net calculated again?) Apparently the standard within major publishers is 25%, which quite frankly seems pretty low to me anyway, for a vastly less expensive way to produce a book.

Here’s the letter, taken from E-Reads.Com: (more…)

I’ve read most of Lacey Alexander’s books, and I have to say, I mostly like ’em. Now and again you get a bad one, but hey, nobody’s perfect right?

I’ve read a few reviews of this book and it always makes me chuckle when I see negative comments re the sexual content. I can’t actually believe that people are still pretending to read a Lacey Alexander book because of its philosophical meanderings and high brow content. Seriously? If you want War and Peace and deep and meaningful, you’re not going to find it within the pages of a Lacey Alexander Special, you’re just not. I hope that doesn’t hurt Ms Alexander too much, but these books will probably not change your life for the better. (more…)

Idris Elba’s Luther: Must-Watch TV

Monday, July 18, 2011
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Seriously, if you enjoy a good crime drama, and yet have not had the privilege of watching this show, what are you waiting for?

*If the videos don’t load instantly, please refresh page

Luther is one of the most gripping psychological serial dramas that I’ve been introduced to for a while.

Idris Elba’s portrayal of John Luther, a cop who’s past actions have led to him playing on different sides of the law is gripping, adrenaline-inducing, and rather bloody brilliant. I’ve watched the whole series, and I will be getting the DVDs. You should too.

When did that happen?

I hate how out of the romance loop I am.

I take it the line hasn’t been selling well?

Say it aint so!

Now, those of you who know me, know how much I thoroughly love Dorothy Koomson’s books. And those of you who have read her, also know that she doesn’t really do shiny happy clappy books. The Woman He Loved Before is no different.

Here’s the blurb from Dorothy’s website:

she’s out of his life, but is she out of his heart?

Libby has a nice life with a great job, a gorgeous husband and a big home by the sea. But she’s becoming more unsure of Jack’s feelings for her – and if he is over the mysterious death of Eve, his first wife.

When fate intervenes in their relationship, Libby decides to find out all she can about the man she hastily married and the seemingly perfect Eve.

Eventually Libby stumbles across some startling truths about Eve. As she begins to unearth more and more devastating secrets, Libby becomes frightened that she too will end up like the first woman Jack loved. . .

What I love about Koomson’s books are how easy she makes it for me to turn to page after page, even when I’m dreading the direction in which her book may be going. I loved the twists and turns of TWHLB, and although there was a sense that something fairly heinous was going to be revealed at the end, I still wanted to keep reading. (more…)

I like Julia Quinn books. I often forget how much I like them until I read one.

I’m not sure if Just Like Heaven is her latest book, but seeing as I actually can’t be arsed Googling the answer right now, I’ll just go ahead and assume that it is.

Rather than a blurb, here’s the rather cheesey video promo: (more…)

Seriously, I’m having a hard time believing it, but the evidence is right here.

I wouldn’t mind, but we all know that in approximately eighteen months time, Laurann Dohner will be sobbing into her Zinfandel, whilst throwing hate bombs at EC, bemoaning the day she ever got into bed with them. So to speak.

I can name a few prolific EC authors who were all tight and shit with the higher-ups, until it all seemed to go to crap after The Royal Shafting began. Amarinda Jones, Carol Lynne, Lora Leigh, Chey McCray, to name but a few.

I don’t know why anybody would enslave themselves to one publisher in this way. What if a better publisher comes along? One who offers advances and everything?

I get that she’s prolific, and she could probably do it in no time, but how crazy does a person have to be to sign their books away in such a fashion?

The business sense or lack thereof astounds me.

Anyway, good luck to Ms Dohner, God knows she’s gonna need it.

Via Dear Author Jane on Twitter.

I’m currently reading Rebecca York’s Bedroom Therapy (For some reason I have two copies of the book so I thought I should probably finally make a start on reading it.) and it features a hero who was married previously. The marriage didn’t work out and he got divorced, blah, blah, blah.

I find that I’m not so keen on the fact that he’s been married before. I might have mentioned this before, but I’m pretty sure I don’t like contemps where the male protagonist has been married before. I’m not actually sure why though?

It may be because it flies to close to real life where so many people are on their second marriages, or perhaps it’s because I don’t like the thought that the male protagonist has been in love with another woman before he meets the heroine?

I honestly don’t know why it bothers me so much. Does anybody have any other possible explanations?

Just when I think I’ll never be again surprised by the capacity of one human being to inflict unimaginable pain and suffering on another human being, along comes this story.

I was appalled when I read about Michael Gilbert’s ordeal. Talk about a dysfunctional family.

Here’s an excerpt from The Times: (more…)