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Heard this news via Has, who in turn heard it via Nadia Lee. Pissed off much?

I boycotted Amazon a few years ago, and these days all my books come from The Book Depository. They offer free delivery and good service. And ethically, they are still on my wave length. Let’s see how long that lasts once Jeff Bezos and his cronies take over. Fucking hell.

Worst. News. Ever.


  • wendy
    July 5
    10:34 pm

    Surely you were woken by my cries of ‘Oh no’ from Canberra. There is lots of shocky moaning happening in my family. Worst. News. Ever.


  • sallah
    July 6
    2:02 pm

    I am not idealogically opposed to Amazon, I used to use them a lot, and do the prime shipping till I got my nook and buy most of my books wirelessly… They also bought or partnered up with audible.com which is probably where I spend most of my money after the nook…


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