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It certainly is for me.

I once thought that it would be a nice compliment to the blog, but I Twitter away endlessly, whereas blogging is just hard work these days.

Anybody else feel the same?

There’s an immediacy to Twitter that I absolutely love. I have a thought, I tweet it. Simples.
Whereas, I have to consider my words more carefully in a blog post. I’ve also noticed that with notable exceptions, people don’t seem to update their blog as often anymore. Or it could be just the people I follow?

Who knows eh?

One thing I do know is that Romanceland just doesn’t feel the same as it used to, and that makes me feel just a teensy bit sad.


  • sallah
    July 6
    1:59 pm

    its a problem for me, since I dislike twitter intensely and some of my favorite bloggers have gone that route…

    here is what I don’t like about twitter… its like texting or instant messenger chat.. you get a lot of little sound bytes, but nothing you can really think about or reply to with more than an “LOL” or retweet the freaking thing…

    sigh… my blog rolls get smaller and smaller and now I feel like the grumpy old man yelling at kids to ” Get off my Lawn!”


  • Nicole
    July 6
    7:24 pm

    I know twitter made a huge difference in my blogging (or lack of blogging). And I really really miss that sense of community that I had while blogging. I like being able to keep up with things on twitter, but it isn’t the same.


  • Twitter results in fewer blog comments. That’s neither good nor bad, but it’s something I’ve noticed. I often respond to a blogger’s latest post via Twitter, and I get more @ replies regarding blog posts I’ve written than I do blog comments these days.

    I blog less than I used to; not due to lack of motivation, but lack of time. The immediacy of Twitter appeals to me as it’s easier to fit into my day.

    One thing that struck me at the RWA conference last week is the number of authors including their Twitter handles on their business cards. I totally forgot to include mine. A mistake, I think. A couple of workshops I attended mentioned the importance of being active on Twitter. Blogs don’t seem to have the influence that they once did.


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