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Two days after the not-guilty verdict was handed down to Casey Anthony, I find that I’m still thinking about it.

I’m not blaming the jurors here, I understand that they can only make a judgement based on the evidence presented by the prosecutors, who seemed to do a piss-poor job of managing the whole case. In my opinion, the lead prosecutor should be relieved of his current post and demoted.

No, rather I’m thinking about Caylee Anthony. I’m thinking about a little girl who had been missing for a month before her disappearance was reported. I’m thinking of a little girl who’s body was found buried in woods with duct tape round her mouth. I’m thinking of a little girl who’s only mistake was to happen to be born to a mother who didn’t appreciate the joys of having a child. As a woman desperate to have children of her own, the irony isn’t lost on me.

I want to know where God was when that little girl died?  I want to know who’s going to get justice for Caylee?

How can a little girl’s life come to an end so prematurely, yet nobody bears responsibility for her passing? She didn’t die from a terminal illness, or a fatal accident. She died because the person she trusted the most killed her, be it accidentally or otherwise, and quite frankly, nobody will ever be able to convince me that it was an accidental killing.

I felt sick when I learned what the verdict was, and now I just feel angry. The problem is, at whom can I aim that anger? Amidst the media circus, the half-truths, the lies, and the prevarications, nobody still seems to know exactly what happened to her. And the mother and the grandparents have just told lie, after lie, after lie.

One thing is clear though, she was alive and healthy, now she’s gone forever. A life cut short before it had barely begun. My heart weeps for the woman that she could have been, and the difference she could have made to the world.

I hope that Caylee gets the justice that she deserves one day. I really do.

RIP Caylee.


  • Renee Rocco
    July 7
    6:29 pm

    Karen, you and I have never seen eye to eye, but on this matter I could not have said it better. As you know, my journey to motherhood is the much the same road you are now traveling, so to see this woman just walk free is stomach-turning. Like you, and so many others, I do not know where to direct my anger.

    When the verdict was read I had my one year old daughter in one arm and my six year old girl in the other. I was sure we would witness Caylee receive the justice she deserved. Instead, no one was held accountable for her death and for her being thrown away like trash. This is all so very sad.


  • I hope Caylee’s murderer is haunted the rest of her life. She might escape justice, but she can’t escape herself.


  • Casey could get a lot of money for book deals and movie deals. This is what sickens me as well. Regardless if people think she is innocent or not, people are going to profit off the death of sweet, innocent little girl.

    Any publisher or publicist who have children and want work for Casey to bring more money into their pockets should be ashamed of themselves.

    This whole thing sickens me.


  • Kayleigh Jamison
    July 7
    10:05 pm

    I have been following this case for three years, and watched nearly all of the trial. I disagree with you on the prosecution; they did a masterful job with what they had. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much. The police really fucked up early on.

    IMO, the best thing we, the public, can do now is make a conscious decision not to let Casey Anthony profit from the death of her daughter (which I do think she caused). Don’t buy her book, watch her reality show, tune into her interviews…whatever it is she does to try and capitalize off this – and I don’t doubt she will – don’t buy into it.


  • Andrea
    July 8
    6:36 pm

    The U.S Supreme Court: Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court
    If this case is brought before the Federal court it will be an exception to double jeopardy and from the moment Casey Anthony lied to the FBI she was in violation of The Martha Stewart law. This is a federal offense and comes with a 5 year sentence for each count. First Degree Murder is also a federal offense! Please we must not let this crime go unpunished. An injustice was committed on July 15th, sign this petition and give Caylee the justice she deserves.
    Find this petition @ change.org/petitions/the-us-supreme-court-try-casey-anthony-in-federal-court
    Caylee’s Law should reach 1 million signatures by the end of the weekend and with your help taking Casey Anthony to Federal Court will be possible!!!


  • Debra S
    July 11
    12:24 am

    Let us all pray we get enough people in the US to make a new law so this does not happen again.I watched this from day 1 and felt this was not going to come out the way most people who watched feel.The people who voted to let her go free must live with the fact a killer was set free to go party write a book get millions.I hope they can live with them selfs everyday .But I wonder what they would think if this happens to one of them.I could not live with my self if I voted to let her go free.Let us pray she can be forced back in to court room and not make the millions she is going to get from books movie interviews we know this will happen because she has nothing else like job home ect.Some asshat will give her some kind of deal just a matter of time.


  • katieM
    July 11
    3:56 am

    It does not make sense to take millions of Federal dollars to change laws and possibly the Constitution to prosecute one woman who was already found not guilty by a jury of her peers. This was not a civil case and double jeopardy would apply. Face it, the evidence presented by the prosecutor did not sway the jury. The press sensationalized the case from day one. Much of the evidence we think we know about was simply speculation by an overenthusiastic media personality. The killer or killers will have to face God one day and explain what happened. There will be no lying then. Screaming for justice and seeking revenge on someone who may not have done it is just feeding the mob mentality perpetuated by the media.


  • Have you heard the ridiculous things coming from the mouths of the jurors now talking for money? None of their explanations make any sense. It’s more reasonable to believe these jurors were somehow bribed than to believe 12 people arrived at a not guilty verdict in the face of the evidence.

    When Jose Baez pulled that “she’s not competent to continue” crap, he was buying time to bribe the jurors. That’s more reasonable than this verdict.


  • Anon 76
    July 13
    3:40 pm

    The whole thing is a heart breaking mess. I could go on and on about how the media, fame seeking lawyers (you know the type I’m talking about, not your regular hardworking kind) and public mania both pro and con, stirs the pot until reality is fantasy and visa versa.

    I, personally, view the duct tape in an entirely different manner than has been proposed. Not a murder coverup item, but the murder weapon itself.

    A crying sobbing child…a mother who finds the child a burden…You wanna cry, here, I’ll shut you up. Then, tragedy…an unintended, but perhaps in the long term welcome, suffocation.

    Then later follows the “admission” that the child drowned in the family pool. Another form of “suffocation” but definitely easily distinguished by forensic scientists early on when studying this poor child’s remains.

    I can go on from there. But basically it involves, how do you make a body decompose in a quick manner, and spread those remains in such a manner, that no tests could prove between pool “suffocation” and real. But if your “kidnapped” thing was falling apart, the pool thing could be something to grasp on tightly to.

    All posit on my part, of course.


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