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I like Julia Quinn books. I often forget how much I like them until I read one.

I’m not sure if Just Like Heaven is her latest book, but seeing as I actually can’t be arsed Googling the answer right now, I’ll just go ahead and assume that it is.

Rather than a blurb, here’s the rather cheesey video promo:

Warning, this video contains vomit-inducing narration…

What I Liked

I rather liked Honoria. She was quietly amusing, without being over the top. I liked her honesty, her self-deprecating wit, and her determination to embrace her personal issues and her own short-comings, without going into that ‘slit my wrist’ self-pity mode.
I also liked Marcus, he wasn’t your typical borderline assholic, self-confident hero, and that was appealing to me. He was fairly sensitive, a little unsure of himself, and ridiculously loyal. He was also emotionally fragile, another trait that I’m not used to seeing in a romance hero. It was a nice change.

What Made Me Want To Stab Myself In The Eye

This book was slow. Oh so fucking slow. Also, the plot wasn’t overly exciting, and was more than a little cliched. The hero being nursed back to health by the heroine? With all the possible plots out there, the author and editor agreed that this was a good plot device? Really? Really?? Really????????????

Overall Verdict

I can’t lie, Just Like Heaven was a slow book, and worse than that, the plot was fairly anaemic, and at times bordered on being pointless, and if I had to describe this book using a colour descriptor, I would say that it was beige. This is not a good thing obviously, however, the two protagonists had that likeability factor that is so important in romance books. Had Honoria and Marcus been annoying, I would have flung Just Like Heaven out of the train window, however little sprinklings of amusing dialogue between Honoria and the other three in the Smythe-Smith quartet did keep me from gouging my eyes out, and Marcus’s slightly bumbling demeanour made him a hero with a difference. Macho heroes are all very well, but every now and again, it’s nice to be served something different.

You can learn more about Julia Quinn here, read an excerpt here, and buy Just Like Heaven here. (I wish death and a swarm of locusts on Amazon!)


  • Lori
    July 15
    9:13 pm

    I’d never read Julia Quinn before this book and now I’m a huge fan. I thought this book was excellent and I didn’t find it slow at all.

    I will say that if I saw that trailer though I would never have read the book. That was pathetic.


  • Hi Lori, I think if it’s the first JQ you’ve read, you will appreciate it, but having read her quite a bit, the book was a bit of a let down, because I know how much better she can do.


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