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Two days after the not-guilty verdict was handed down to Casey Anthony, I find that I’m still thinking about it.

I’m not blaming the jurors here, I understand that they can only make a judgement based on the evidence presented by the prosecutors, who seemed to do a piss-poor job of managing the whole case. In my opinion, the lead prosecutor should be relieved of his current post and demoted.

No, rather I’m thinking about Caylee Anthony. I’m thinking about a little girl who had been missing for a month before her disappearance was reported. I’m thinking of a little girl who’s body was found buried in woods with duct tape round her mouth. I’m thinking of a little girl who’s only mistake was to happen to be born to a mother who didn’t appreciate the joys of having a child. As a woman desperate to have children of her own, the irony isn’t lost on me.

I want to know where God was when that little girl died?  I want to know who’s going to get justice for Caylee?

How can a little girl’s life come to an end so prematurely, yet nobody bears responsibility for her passing? She didn’t die from a terminal illness, or a fatal accident. She died because the person she trusted the most killed her, be it accidentally or otherwise, and quite frankly, nobody will ever be able to convince me that it was an accidental killing.

I felt sick when I learned what the verdict was, and now I just feel angry. The problem is, at whom can I aim that anger? Amidst the media circus, the half-truths, the lies, and the prevarications, nobody still seems to know exactly what happened to her. And the mother and the grandparents have just told lie, after lie, after lie.

One thing is clear though, she was alive and healthy, now she’s gone forever. A life cut short before it had barely begun. My heart weeps for the woman that she could have been, and the difference she could have made to the world.

I hope that Caylee gets the justice that she deserves one day. I really do.

RIP Caylee.

It certainly is for me.

I once thought that it would be a nice compliment to the blog, but I Twitter away endlessly, whereas blogging is just hard work these days.

Anybody else feel the same?

There’s an immediacy to Twitter that I absolutely love. I have a thought, I tweet it. Simples.
Whereas, I have to consider my words more carefully in a blog post. I’ve also noticed that with notable exceptions, people don’t seem to update their blog as often anymore. Or it could be just the people I follow?

Who knows eh?

One thing I do know is that Romanceland just doesn’t feel the same as it used to, and that makes me feel just a teensy bit sad.

Prince Albert: “I wonder how Nicole’s doing…” Charlene: “Fuck me, he kisses like Daddy’s Koi carp.”

The man has two illegitimate children, and apparently only married Charlene because he needed a proper heir, not one born out of wedlock. To make things worse, there are rumours that he has two more illegitimate children. A five year old, and one not born yet. The man obviously doesn’t believe in sexing safely. He really should be gloving before the loving methinks. He really should be keeping his semen confined to the sterile environment of a condom, if only just for the women he’s shagging.

Charlene, (bless her cotton socks) is also rumoured to have tried to escape the wedding three times, but kept getting caught by the security guards.

On second thoughts, this so could be a Harlequin Presents Royal Wedding story. The problem is, the bride appears to have married the villain rather than the hero.

Well, hopefully when she’s counting his money and dripping in the crown jewels, she wont be too sad that Albert’s out humping the next blow up doll.

Mind you, I have to say, much respect to Albert for shagging and impregnating a black woman from Togo. His family must have hit the roof, hahaha! Can you imagine Prince Harry coming home to Granny with a black girl on his arm? I’m pretty sure her Majesty The Queen would probably keel over. Oh I’d so love for that to happen. It really would make my life I think, hahahaha!

Heard this news via Has, who in turn heard it via Nadia Lee. Pissed off much?

I boycotted Amazon a few years ago, and these days all my books come from The Book Depository. They offer free delivery and good service. And ethically, they are still on my wave length. Let’s see how long that lasts once Jeff Bezos and his cronies take over. Fucking hell.

Worst. News. Ever.