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I read this morning that there’s finally been a resolution to the debt ceiling crisis talks that seem to have gone on forever.

Quite frankly, I think the sheer fuckwittery of the politicians have made America look like they couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.

During this whole process, it seems to me that the politicians forgot who they were serving. If I was a U.S citizen, I’d be very ashamed that I had people like this supposedly looking after my interests.

Petty squabbles and point scoring seems to underpin American politics these days in a way that it never has before. And not forgetting the out and out racism of course. (For those in denial, yes, the Republican party are more racist than the Democrats, live with it.)

I of course put the blame on the Republicans, who also seem to be fighting amongst themselves. Well, what did they expect? The Tea Party lot aren’t going to make things easy for the more moderate right-wingers.
I guess it would be like having a faction of the English Defence League or the British National Party in Parliament. That kind of extremism mingled with more normal thinking people never leads to anywhere good. I’m pretty sure John Boehner is beginning to realise how little influence he has over that riotous lot. He really has his work cut out for him, trying to manage them and the more reasonable conservatives.

The Tea Party movement seem to be shouting the loudest within the Republican Party, and there’s not a damn thing anybody can do about it until the next round of elections. The lunatics are truly running the asylum it seems…

Anyway, I’m just glad that it’s apparently over and the politicians got what they wanted. Although I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t the American people who won here.


  • Mireya
    August 1
    12:01 pm

    Frankly, I never doubted they would reach some sort of agreement. The Reps have been pissing me off for a long time, as they have been systematically saying no to anything that Obama and/or the Dems proposed (and this was even before the Tea Party came into the picture), without even giving whatever it is, passing consideration. As a political commentator mentioned in an article, their agenda is to knock Obama off power, and that has been quite obvious off the bat.

    Either way, the one good thing that came out of all of this (and I am not talking about the deal itself) is that everyone has had a chance to see what the Tea Party reps are truly about. And let me tell you, no one is happy, not even those that gave them the vote to begin with.


  • Liza
    August 1
    12:13 pm

    The politicians are more concerned with being reelected and having their party in power the next time around that they could care less about governing now.


  • Anon 76
    August 1
    3:24 pm

    It’s all idiocy to the nth degree.

    We all knew here in the US a deal would be struck, but at what price?

    And I’m sorry all you tea whatevers and repubs…you either had to deal with Obama or Hillary. Neither left a good taste in your mouth, so you pulled out…Sarah Palin, the greatest mind in politics ever!

    Sorry, I am a bit bitter over this. Over Wall Street and banks and all these suited people who have lost touch with real humanity. Perks, you want perks in your bill? How about keeping on the path, and if you feel medicare, medicaid and Social Security a pain…then stop taking those funds from our paychecks.

    But you can’t and won’t. All our efforts give you funds to use now as you see fit. Shame on them all.


  • I hate politics. The politicians drive me nuts. I hate the way both sides run things-I tend to meander right down the middle on things, not veering toward any particular party and my problem is that everything is ALL ABOUT SIDES now and neither party wants to actually want together. And that’s the fricking problem. Nothing gets accomplished if they can’t find a way to work together.

    The DH and I are actually talking about moving away-leaving the US-once the kids are grown and through college. That’s how fed up we are getting.


  • I am tired of any politician that promotes “working together”.

    You cannot reason with the crazy and compromising with people whose only goal is to destroy the government is plain stupid. That was the whole Obama plan in a nutshell and look where it got us.

    Basically I will not vote for the middle ground anymore since there really is none and I expect that I am not alone which means things are about to get worse.


  • amousie
    August 2
    10:26 pm

    Totally contrived crisis.

    Does it piss me off? Abso-f***ing-lutely.

    Does it scare me? Yes, sirie bob.

    Is there anything I can do about it? I can try but neither party paid any attention to the public during the Health Care initiative, the end of the year Bush tax cut extension, the request not to implement a payroll tax holiday, the union braking around the country, the appointed executives who have the power to overturn local governments and ordiances, the tougher voter registration requirement, the selling of public industries/properties, corporatism as personhood, etc.

    And, mostly, the fractioning of communities and this constant drumbeat that we are a polarized society.

    Fear and intimidation used to control the populace?

    Are we still looking for the match to light fuse or has the fuse already been lit?

    Shiloh: I disagree with your statement that the government can’t work together and that nothing gets accomplished.

    From what I see it’s working quite well. Maybe not the way that I’d personally like it to work but definitely for those who want very specific things. And it’s not just an issue for the US so I’m not really sure where you could go and not be affected.


  • Here! Here! What you say.

    These fuckwits in Washington have made the entire country look like a country of idiots. I think, sadly, they have made the US lose all respect throughout the world.

    And what makes me REALLY REALLY REALLY upset at the whole manufactured crisis is wondering how much of it may be racially based. And I’m sad to say quite a bit I thik.

    Sadly though, I think as Teddypig pointed out, Obama has tried to compromise with idiots who really don’t give a shit about their country. All through it I kept hoping he would stand up to them, but instead came across as rather weak and too willing to give in to nuts. The whole situation is pathetic.

    As a neighbour to the north with a front row seat to the politics of our neighbour, I have been so saddened to see this huge divide happening between Republican and Democrat. I lay this at the foot of George Bush since that’s where I think it really began on a grand scale. But this latest is absolutely unbelievable.


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