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I’m not gonna lie. I am totally looking forward to Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. In fact, I’m practically dizzy with anticipation. Check the trailer out, if that doesn’t make you wanna go and watch it, I don’t know what will!

By the way, Andy Serkis, the guy who played Gollum in the Lord Of The Ring movies, and King Kong, in 2005’s King Kong, plays Caesar the ape. That guy is actually amazing.


  • Ren
    August 2
    10:14 am

    I didn’t even know about it until I was surfing youtube and saw the trailer. I cannot wait!
    The one with Mark Wahlberg could have been so much better with a different director but it makes for great late night television 🙂


  • Hi Ren, I couldn’t get excited about the last re-enactment of Planet of The Apes, but I’m really looking forward to this reboot.


  • Not so much Planet of the Apes but the one I’m looking forward to is (and it makes me giggle every time I say it) is Conan The Barbarian *giggle*. I’ve watched the trailer numerous times and I have such a hearty case of lust for the actor who plays Conan.


  • Cool about Andy Serkis.

    The trailer looks intense, much better than the last remake. The apes look a hell of a lot scarier than the humans in ape suits.

    It will be easy to talk my husband into seeing this. 🙂


  • katieM
    August 4
    11:03 am

    I was a little girl when I saw the original Planet of the Apes. Some cousins took me to a drive in and they had a blast. They wouldn’t take me home when I asked and they tried to fill me up with cotton candy and hotdogs. It scared me to death and I had nightmares about it for years! I have never watched another of the Apes movies and I never will.

    Also, never let teenage boys babysit their little girl cousins without detailed instructions. While I adored them and they actually liked dragging me around (apparently I was a girl magnet for them) they had no sense of what to do with a little girl and I wasn’t inclined to tell on them until that awful movie. In fact, until that movie they mostly hung out at malls, libraries, and bookstores!


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