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I’ve never read a Carolyn Jewel book before, but so far, Lord Ruin is pretty good.

Here’s the blurb from the website:

The Duke of Sin
The Duke of Cynssyr didn’t believe in love. He planned to marry for beauty. But a night of unforgettable passion left him a changed man — a man tied to a bespectacled spinster. Anne Sinclair’s long legs drove him wild with desire, and her quick wit challenged his mind. Ruined for any oher, the notorious rake had only one choice; to court his wife. To win her condfidence, however, nothing less than his love would do.

The Old Maid of Bartley Green
Anne Sinclair had sworn to protect her sister from the infamous Lord Ruin. Yet she never expected to sacrifice her own virtue. Forced to give the rogue her hand in marriage, she vowed never to relinquish her heart. But Ruan worshopped her body and valued her intelligence, making Anne long to succumb to the ultimate temptation: falling for her husband.

What are you guys reading today?


  • I just finished one so I’m torn between Bound by Moonlight by Nancy Gideon – this is the fourth book in a series about the same couple; she’s a detective and he’s a shape shifting tortured hero who borders on heading up a mob family. I know sounds weird but so far I’m really liking them and the other one I just got today,The Many Sins Of Lord Cameron. Since I ADORED The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, there was no question I’d be getting and reading this one too.


  • Bleh. Do edits count? Wrapping up the edits on an RS and cleaning up a book that’s due on 9/1.


  • Las
    August 8
    1:13 am

    Just finished reading Victoria Dahl’s It’s Always Been You, which, other than some issues with the plot, I really enjoyed. I’m about to start Meredith Duran’s A Lady’s Lesson in Scandal.

    I’ve been meaning to give Lord Ruin another try. It was a DNF for me, mostly because I couldn’t get over feeling really sad for the heroine and the man who wanted to marry her. That coupled with some problems with the story that I can’t even remember now made me put it down, even though I really liked the premise. Tell us what you think when you’re done.


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