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Am I the only person desperately hoping that Sarah Palin runs for president? I’d love to see her up there representing the Republican Party, with Michele Bachmann as her Vice President. Oh the comedy value would be priceless….

Please Oprah, make it happen!

I love Obama, and appreciate his innate goodness, but I’m not going to lie, I would love all the gag reels that would be created from a Palin/Bachmann presidency. It would enable me to feel vastly superior about the infinite wisdom of Brits in general (in comparison to “crazy Americans”) and the UK’s current governance, hahahaha!


  • jmc
    August 12
    8:00 pm

    You want them to run or you want them elected?

    While I think the gag reels of their campaigning might provide food for snark and laughter for years to come, the idea of either of them being P/VP is frightening and not something I would laugh at.


  • Mireya
    August 12
    8:41 pm

    If either of those two would win the primary, it would be a blessing precisely because neither one is taken truly seriously. Sadly, that’s not bound to be the case, and what is up and coming is mighty scary: http://www.cnn.com/2011/POLITICS/08/11/perry.gop.appeal/index.html?hpt=hp_t1

    What is in the horizon, is not pretty. I am quite concerned. The fact that educated republicans would even consider the two above or Perry, is extraordinarily disturbing.


  • While I think the gag reels of their campaigning might provide food for snark and laughter for years to come, the idea of either of them being P/VP is frightening and not something I would laugh at.

    I think for the sake of the free world, I’d probably prefer for them to just be selected as the GOP candidates. Still the idea of a Palin/Bachmann presidency is fascinating…


  • Ren
    August 12
    10:26 pm

    The gag reels would be endless but I still shudder just to think of such a thing happening.


  • eggs
    August 14
    1:33 am

    I can totally believe Americans would elect her. I’m old enough to remember when Ronald Reagan was first elected, and the rest of the world just couldn’t believe the Americans had really elected him. From the outside, he looked like a joke candidate.

    I don’t think the rest of the world would be any more surprised to see Palin elected than we were to see Reagan. And, to be honest, she strikes me as being about as smart as Reagan. The world survived his presidency, and it would survive hers. And I, too, would absolutely love the rich vein of whatthefuckery she would bring to international politics.


  • Las
    August 14
    3:26 pm

    Oh, God, no! Do not underestimate American stupidity. Chances are good that they’d win the primary, because Republicans really are that batshit, and considering how much Obama has pissed off liberals with his pandering to people who shouldn’t be catered to, there’s no way we’re getting the voter turnout in 2012 that we got in 2008. A Bachmann/Palin ticket has a very good chance of winning.


  • Cat fight! Seriously, both scare the crap out of me. I’d just as soon they go after each other.
    I predict Bachman will be the VP on the Repub ticket. She’ll be there to bring in the right wingers.
    To paraphrase Mr. T – I pity us poor fools if either or both gets elected.


  • katieM
    August 15
    12:08 am

    You think they’re stupid but they’re not. They are just acting to get the nominations. Those women are scary because they play stupid so well. They will drag us into a war with the rest of the world. My hope is that they get the nomination for P/VP and then proceed to back stab each other.


  • Anon 76
    August 16
    8:50 pm

    Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no.

    The idea is farcical in nature and “could” provide some great laughs…but…no, no, no, no, no. In the US there is a lot of bat shit crazy political fervor out there and the actual election of such a ticket is no longer out of the realm of possibility.

    You put one black man in the Whitehouse and all hell breaks loose. Granted I’ve been disappointed the President hasn’t taken a harder line sometimes, well, more than sometimes, but look at the opposition he’s faced. If you in any way believe it’s not a throwback good ol boy attitude, you only have to realize how many people are willing to take Palin…Palin of some of the most embarassing comments and about turns…rather than the President.

    No, my brain hurts even to think on such a possibility.


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