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I assume that the majority of you will have read the review of Phoenix Sullivan’s book over at Dear Author by now?

If you haven’t already, this is not a bad thing believe me.

The following post is full of bad words. Lots of bad words. You have been warned.

Basically, apparently, the book is set in pre-Arthurian times. The heroine gets kidnapped by the ‘hero’ and whilst in his care, gets raped repeatedly by different men. When I say repeatedly, I mean repeatedly. In fact, the way the reviewer tells it, the raping of the heroine becomes something of a sport.

If this wasn’t bad enough, there’s also a kidnapped eleven year old who is also regularly raped, something that apparently turns our heroine on. Yep, you read that right.

Here’s the excerpt that I lifted from DA, highlighting the heroine’s horniness over hearing an eleven year old child being raped. (more…)