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I’m recanting this story again by pasting my tweets from Twitter. It’s too much like hard work to actually write it all out again. But the following is all about the stressful day I had today.

So, my Lil Sis left to teach in Qatar for two years today. Talk about STRESSFUL.

Went to pick my sis and my mother up at 6.30am, as agreed. Went to my sister’s room, and she was still fucking packing. To leave for two years.

I was patient, I didn’t go crazy and ask her why the fuck she was still packing when we needed to depart, like two minutes ago. Instead, I helped her cram stuff in, questioning the weight of the bags. “It’s OK, I’m not over” she says “Yes you are” I said wisely, but she was convinced that she was ok, so who was I to argue? Anyway, we leave 20 minutes after I arrive to go to the airport.

We get to the airport in quick time, I tend to drive fast and the motorway wasn’t so busy at that time of the morning. I drop them off and go to park the car in the overflow car park. (Bloody busy at the airport). I then get a call from Lil Sis…

She thinks she’s forgotten her passport at home. (more…)