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I’m recanting this story again by pasting my tweets from Twitter. It’s too much like hard work to actually write it all out again. But the following is all about the stressful day I had today.

So, my Lil Sis left to teach in Qatar for two years today. Talk about STRESSFUL.

Went to pick my sis and my mother up at 6.30am, as agreed. Went to my sister’s room, and she was still fucking packing. To leave for two years.

I was patient, I didn’t go crazy and ask her why the fuck she was still packing when we needed to depart, like two minutes ago. Instead, I helped her cram stuff in, questioning the weight of the bags. “It’s OK, I’m not over” she says “Yes you are” I said wisely, but she was convinced that she was ok, so who was I to argue? Anyway, we leave 20 minutes after I arrive to go to the airport.

We get to the airport in quick time, I tend to drive fast and the motorway wasn’t so busy at that time of the morning. I drop them off and go to park the car in the overflow car park. (Bloody busy at the airport). I then get a call from Lil Sis…

She thinks she’s forgotten her passport at home.

We are due to check in, right at that moment. The desks are open.

Before we left the house, I’d asked her specifically, “have you got your passport and purse?” “Yes” she says. “Ok then, let’s go” says I.

I rushed back to Lil Sis and Mum, to find them frantically looking through all her luggage. It was true. She’d actually left her passport.

Luckily Bro2 was at home, so we called him to try to locate the passport. Twenty minutes later, he finds the passport under her fucking bed.

Bro2 is still recovering from his car crash so he can’t bring the passport to us, so I call Bro1, who’s off work with the kids today.

We stressed about him hairing down the motorway with the kids, until my fabulous Sis In Law said she’d phone work and go in later.

So Bro1 goes to my ma’s house, gets the passport, and drives like a madman to get the passport to us. The Qatar Airlines staff told us that they would have to shut the check-in desks at 9.10am. We didn’t think he’d make it in time, but we hoped. We stressed for the next 40 minutes.

9.10am came and went, and the check-in staff were starting to stress out, themselves. We thought they’d have to shut the desk, but alas I get a call from my brother. He’s here. The time is 9.20am. The flight is at 10am to Qatar.

Sis runs, grabs the passport and we start to check her in. Lo and fucking behold, she is way over, baggage-wise. She has no choice, but to pay the excess luggage charge. She has no time to sort her crap out.

We asked the Qatar Airlines staff how much it was. £759, they reply. The fucking excess baggage charge was £759 freaking pounds. ($1138 in dollars) WTF?

Of course we had no other options, she had to pay it. We had no time to strategise. It was either quibble or miss the flight. So she paid it.

She then had to be fast-tracked through security etc.

She was escorted by a QA assistant. We couldnt give her more than a quick hug and then she was whisked off.

My mum cried all the way home.

I didn’t get to remind her of all the Middle East customs that she’d have to adhere to. Didnt get to tell her to be fucking careful. Gutted.

I didn’t have time to go crazy at her for forgetting her passport, and packing too much shit. We just had to resolve the situation.

But seriously, there was nothing in her luggage that was worth £759. I’d have just literally gotten rid of a bag and bought new stuff over there.

What annoyed me the most was that she’s a seasoned traveller. She knows the score. She’s been to Africa twice, lived in Philadelphia for 3 months, travelled from New York to California. Done all the holiday spots in Europe. She knows how to travel.

The moral of the story? Do not leave your packing till the morning that you’re supposed to leave, and check and double check that you have your passport, your flight pass, and your wallet. Those are the things that you can’t fly without. Everything else can be bought.

I love you lots and miss you already you dumb dizzy cow.


  • eggs
    August 19
    11:22 am

    But the real question is … did you pay the excess baggage for her???


  • Throwmearope
    August 19
    3:03 pm

    I just got my daughter off to college for the first time. Imagine 20,000 college kids, most with their own cars and their parents in another car with the “stuff” descending on a sleepy town of 60,000. It took us 12 hours to get her moved in and us back home. But she’s settling in and having fun already, so I guess it was worth it. . . . .


  • SamG
    August 19
    9:00 pm

    I just love it when siblings can say ‘dumb dizzy cow’ to each other an know it is said with love 😉


  • But the real question is … did you pay the excess baggage for her???

    God, no way. This way, I guarantee, she’ll never go through that crap again. “Fail to plan, and you plan to fail”. My words of wisdom to her. *g*


  • katieM
    August 22
    12:09 am

    Hahahahahahaha!!! I love it. I’ll use that saying with my nieces and their mother.


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