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TTG and I are off to Miami next week, and although I’ve made a list of things to do, none of them seem that exciting. Is there any place that you guys can recommend? Any fun parks etc?


  • Aloha, Karen! I grew up in Coral Gables (Miami suburb) so my thoughts on Miami may be skewed by sentiment and time (as I have not lived there for 30 years).

    Key Biscayne is beautiful (pristine beaches and a historic lighthouse).

    So is the Viscaya estate (a historic mansion).

    South Beach is known for its Art Deco architecture and very open attitude towards sexuality.

    Calle Ocho (8th Street) is the heart of Little Havana with fabulous food, art, and music.

    The Everglades are unique and Key West is vibrant.

    If I visited Miami, I would take a “movie” tour of the local backdrops for USA’s Burn Notice and A&E’s The Glades.

    Miami has a very “international” feel (like Barcelona) so you have to look hard to find the “Old Florida” in it.

    Have fun and give us a recap when you return!


  • Thanks for that Kim, I’ve added your suggestions onto my info sheet!


  • Liza
    September 12
    11:57 am

    I’d second the everglades as it is one thing that we have that is unique. Try taking an airboat tour. Just make sure you go out and get bug repellant.


  • Las
    September 12
    2:20 pm

    I second all of Kim’s suggestions, especially the Viscaya estate and the Keys. The have really great snorkeling/SCUBA diving trips.

    And the Botanical Gardens are gorgeous.


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