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I want it NOW! I wanted an iPad in the US, but I still wasn’t prepared to shell out $499 for the pleasure of owning one. Now the Kindle Fire at $199 is way better!

No doubt here in good old England we’ll be the last to get it. Bummer.


  • ME2
    October 1
    3:20 pm

    I was all hot for the Kindle Fire until I learned there was no 3G, only WiFi. Yuck!!! I will wait for the 3G model and let them work out any/all kinks.


  • eggs
    October 3
    11:35 pm

    I’m hot for a tablet of that size for surfing the net in bed while the husband watches things blow up on tv. The Ipad is too big to get comfy with in bed, and the iphone screen is starting to get too small as my eyes age! I do not, however, want one for reading books. No eInk, so screen glare (see: old eyes!). Backlit and colour, so chews through the battery charge when reading long books. Also, the internet connectivity means that the kids and the husband will always be wandering off with it to use, whereas no one tries to make off with my kindle. I don’t want a multifunction reader, I just want a reader that is MINE, MINE, MINE! And for me, that’s the bog standard kindle.


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