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Sunday, November 6, 2011
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

I have read that rape is about power not sex. If so, why?

(Short version: a 19 year old man stands accused of raping a 9 month old girl)


  • willaful
    November 6
    4:17 am

    God, how sickening.

    I’m not sure if the usual power analysis still holds when it comes to pedophilia… or perhaps it applies even more, I dunno.


  • Lori
    November 6
    4:22 pm

    He should be arrested for attempted murder.

    That’s just sickness, straight and simple. Not power, not sex but a sick human being who should be put down like a dog.


  • I truly believe that child predators should get the death penalty. After they are tortured heinously.


  • Ann Bruce
    November 7
    1:09 am

    For very long moments, I actually questioned my stance on capital punishment.

    That’s beyond sickness. That’s pure evil.


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