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The first time I read the term was on Sela Carsen‘s blog (where is she?), I think a couple of years ago–and didn’t get it.

And I didn’t get it for quite a while, even after reading Meljean Brook’s brilliant novella “Here There Be Monsters” (Burning Up anthology). Finally it clicked for me: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, of course! (the movie–Sean Connery as Alain Quartermain for the win!)

Then there was this video, posted ages ago by the Smart Bitches:




And with that said, I am now in love with Steampunk–well, well writen Steampunk at least. Just as I’m in love with well written fiction, period 😀 How about you?


  • I love steampunk. I’ve been in love with steampunk for about seven years now. (i was ahead of the curve)

    I’ve written gay steampunk, straight steampunk and lesbian steampunk. I’ve written three-some steampunk and steampunk with no sex at all.

    For me, lesbians and steampunk seems a natural combination, because some women were starting to break out of the Angel in the House mold that (middle class, white) women had been forced into. Victoria Woodhull ran for president and was arrested for trying to vote for herself. Stagecoach Mary Fields drove the mail and broke more noses in central Montana than anyone else. Calamity Jane. Amelia Bloomer. And these are just a few of the strong women of the era.

    I like it set in the Old West. I like it with horror on the side. I like it with magical elements. (Native American centaur mine-slaves revolting, anyone?)
    I like it dark. Oh boy do I like it dark. (Mine revolt? gas them all, including the owner’s son)

    The tech, the mores of the era, the manners, they’re all such fun.


  • Cindy
    November 11
    3:32 am

    Once I found out what it was, I was hooked. I owe my obsession to the episode of Castle from season 3 entitled Punked. And that was when I realized my beloved Adventures of Brisco County Jr. series from the 90’s was Steampunk. As was Will Smith’s Wild Wild West.

    My favorite book (so far) is Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris’ Phoenix Rising (book 1 in a series). It was fabulous. I’ve read a few other enjoyable ones, and am currently reading The Hunter by Theresa Myers, which is more supernatural.

    And my NaNoWriMo project which started as historical Western romance has evolved into Steampunk at the insistence of my secondary male character who is a scientist/inventor.


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