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Friday, November 25, 2011
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks, Gratitude, Thank God For Romance

trying to be thankful feels like an uphill battle. Your life is fucked up and all the shit in it keeps popping up in your thoughts, no matter what you are doing (and more so in your one day off).

But there are many, many good things in your life too, many things–and people–that enrich your soul, that lift your spirit and that, even in the darkest hours, keep you afloat.

Thank you.


  • You’re right. No matter how tough things are…. it’s SO important to remember there are ALWAYS things–and people–to be extremely thankful for. Thank you, too. xo


  • Thank you, Christine.


  • eggs
    November 27
    1:28 am

    Reading this kind of makes me glad we don’t have thanksgiving in Australia. If your life really was all fucked up beyond belief it would be a hard day to get through, knowing everybody else was sitting around high fiving each other about the awesome stuff in their life.


  • Like with any other holiday, there’s pressure from society (and family) to be happy and bubbly and the like. And considering how many people struggle every day of their lives, for one reason or another, just to keep their heads above water (of one kind or another), it’s not surprising how often major holidays see a spike in suicides, is it?

    In my case, since Thanksgiving Day is a relatively recent thing for me (read: not ingrained like, say, Christmas Eve dinner with family), it’s not the day itself but the essence of it (be thankful for what you have, regardless of what you don’t) that occasionally trips me.


  • My dad died a week ago, he would have been 91 last Tuesday. Thank you dad, for being a great father; a moral compass; an example for me and my siblings. When I bent down to kiss him after he passed away, my only thought was “thank you”. I have taken care of him for the last 12 years, but he has taken care of me as well. Call your parents, folks; tell them that they are loved.


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