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Excuse me, what was that?

Excuse me, what was that?

Friday, December 30, 2011
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Stoning is more lenient than hanging because half of the victims survive? (last line of the article)


Please file this under “misogynistic assholes who have no fucking clue what Islam is really about.”


(And for anyone tempted to tell me that Christians or Jews have never been this barbaric, please check your History a bit first *coughSpanishInquisitioncough* *coughWitchcraftTrialscough* or do a quick search in the news *coughIsraeliextremistviolencecough*)

Thanks so much to TTG…

Be merry, be joyful, be safe!

Be merry, be joyful, be safe!

Saturday, December 24, 2011
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To all of you who celebrate it, have a Happy and Merry Christmas!

 May love illuminate your life and guide your way always.

Image: decorative lights on government buildings taken in December 2009 in Mexico’s City old Centro Histórico.
December 22nd: life changed again

December 22nd: life changed again

Friday, December 23, 2011
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

Nineteen years ago my life changed, again.

There had been changes, momentous changes in my life up to then. After all, years earlier I had married and then given birth to my son. I had learned to love with everything in my heart, I had learned to be patient, to pay closer attention, to give without thought, without qualm.

Nineteen years ago today, my daughter was born.

And I learned, once again, to love unconditionally.

Happy birthday, Yvette.

Thank you for being you, for laughing and giggling, for fighting and making up, for asking questions, for giving answers, for being brave enough not to care what anyone thought of you when you were 14 and dressed as a Crayola crayon to go trick or treating. For being determined enough to follow through with all the hard work involved in your decision–shortly after that–to one day be a doctor. For being self-aware as well as empathetic to those around you.

Thank you for all the love you’ve brought to my life.

The one who makes it not only worthwhile, but possible.

I’ve griped repeatedly here about horrid customers who seem to relish treating servers, waiters, cashiers (anyone with a name tag, really) like smelly scum on the bottom of their shoes, and those who seem happier when they can make one of the mentioned people’s day as miserable as can be.

For every one of those, there are dozens or more who are either straightforward or easy going–that’s the bulk, really, of customers where I work.

Then you have the few who actively enjoy making employee’s lives easier. They go out of their way to bring you a smile. They tip you, even if all you did was take their order. They joke a bit with you, they smile at you, they bid you good day.

And then there are people like Ms Faith. (more…)

You can always enjoy the music

You can always enjoy the music

Saturday, December 17, 2011
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even when you don’t understand the words.

I’m feeling more than a little bleh right now (between the holidays, work and other things, life is on the sucky end of the scale at the moment), so I went to good old reliable youtube for some feel good music.

From the early ’80s, La Trinca perform Oda al Papel

(please note that the audio and video come from different sources, and both of those are close to thirty years old)

Nothing like Beethoven to make a person feel better.

(and if you understand Spanish, much more so).

A jumble of thoughts

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
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Tacky or smart?

A few months ago I developed an interest in a new craft, quilling, and have been happily practicing since. Given where I live and what is available at the nearby craft stores, I’ve done most of my quilling supply shopping online–decent prices, even if the shipping could be cheaper (seriously, people, flat rate priority mail boxes–two days delivery and all you can fit in the box or envelope, what could be better?). Anyway, back to the point.

Like any self respecting online seller, the store keeps sending me emails with sales and promotions and new products, etc. So far, all standard stuff. Until today, that is. (more…)

Please don't hate me

Please don’t hate me

Friday, December 9, 2011
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For this rambling blog post courtesy of the mess that is my mind, prompted by SLWendy’s innocent statement about Adele (quote: “I don’t get Adele. At all.”) and the comment thread on RRRJessica’s post on zaftig* heroines.


Bear with me while I ramble a bit (then do have at me in the comments 😀 )


So I was looking around these intrawebs, checking in with the usual blogs, and saw this GS vs STA over at the Smart Bitches.

(For those who don’t much like following the breadcrumbs trail, a SB reader asked for recommendations of romance novels with Latino protagonists.)

At first glance one would think, since I’m Mexican by birth, that I would have tons of good authors and titles to reel off the top of my head. Instead, I remember how often Latino characters annoy the hell out of me.

In fact, I’m still pondering whether my reluctance to read books featuring Latinos, unless the novel is written by a Latino author, stems solely from long standing frustration (fueled in part by reading, almost three decades ago, many Harlequins, poorly translated into Spanish, where the hero was an arrogant millionaire asshole and–of course–Latino). Or if there is also an element of inverse racism at play.*

For the most part, I don’t expect writers to do what they write, be it romantic suspense or erotica (which is a good thing, considering there are no female SEALs out there *coughSuzanneBrockmanncough*). Yet, when it comes to Latino characters, I’m extremely reluctant to try anything by anyone unless I know there is a close Latino connection (for example, after reading this over at Jill Sorenson’s blog, I would happily read something by her with a Latino protagonist, and am considering finally reading Simone Elkeles’ Perfect Chemistry, despite its being YA)

* * *


I repeat, lo, over two years later: it’s not that hard (to get some common Spanish expressions right).

*(Why, yes, there’s another genre I mostly avoid, along with self-help and inspirationals–perhaps I’m really an utter bigot.)