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So I was looking around these intrawebs, checking in with the usual blogs, and saw this GS vs STA over at the Smart Bitches.

(For those who don’t much like following the breadcrumbs trail, a SB reader asked for recommendations of romance novels with Latino protagonists.)

At first glance one would think, since I’m Mexican by birth, that I would have tons of good authors and titles to reel off the top of my head. Instead, I remember how often Latino characters annoy the hell out of me.

In fact, I’m still pondering whether my reluctance to read books featuring Latinos, unless the novel is written by a Latino author, stems solely from long standing frustration (fueled in part by reading, almost three decades ago, many Harlequins, poorly translated into Spanish, where the hero was an arrogant millionaire asshole and–of course–Latino). Or if there is also an element of inverse racism at play.*

For the most part, I don’t expect writers to do what they write, be it romantic suspense or erotica (which is a good thing, considering there are no female SEALs out there *coughSuzanneBrockmanncough*). Yet, when it comes to Latino characters, I’m extremely reluctant to try anything by anyone unless I know there is a close Latino connection (for example, after reading this over at Jill Sorenson’s blog, I would happily read something by her with a Latino protagonist, and am considering finally reading Simone Elkeles’ Perfect Chemistry, despite its being YA)

* * *


I repeat, lo, over two years later: it’s not that hard (to get some common Spanish expressions right).

*(Why, yes, there’s another genre I mostly avoid, along with self-help and inspirationals–perhaps I’m really an utter bigot.)