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Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks, random ramblings

Tacky or smart?

A few months ago I developed an interest in a new craft, quilling, and have been happily practicing since. Given where I live and what is available at the nearby craft stores, I’ve done most of my quilling supply shopping online–decent prices, even if the shipping could be cheaper (seriously, people, flat rate priority mail boxes–two days delivery and all you can fit in the box or envelope, what could be better?). Anyway, back to the point.

Like any self respecting online seller, the store keeps sending me emails with sales and promotions and new products, etc. So far, all standard stuff. Until today, that is.

Today I received an email thanking me for my business–and letting me know that the company’s CEO is also an author (historical inspirational novels, if you are curious) and that, if I pay $3 in shipping per book, I can get all of her books for free!

uh… say what?

(Right now, I’m thinking tacky–very tacky)

* ~~~~ *

Smart or stupid?

You are a newly hired manager. You spend quite a bit of time every shift complaining that the company is cheap and run by imbeciles, and telling your employees are lazy morons who want to bitch and get paid but not work. Then you go out drinking with them.

I don’t have words for my reaction, actually.

(Stupid is in there somewhere, but tasteless gets some play too)

* ~~~~ *


As a newly single woman in the digital age, I have been pondering online dating sites.

A long while back, when most of them were pretty much in their infancy, I spent some time and money on a couple of them, and one of the few things I remember clearly about the experience is the…well, sameness of the profiles (male and female alike). Everyone loved to walk on the beach, listen to the rain and cuddle on the sofa. All of them exercised regularly and had adventurous/unusual/intriguing hobbies. The few who admitted to reading as a hobby claimed to like the classics or non-fiction only.

Oh, and even the ones for people in their 50s and 60s looked like they were in their 30s.

(After a while, it got so boring that I changed my profile in at least one of them to say “I read romance and I’m really boring.”)


  • Maili
    December 13
    12:23 pm

    I’m laughing over that dating sites part. I once spent an evening helping a widowed aunt (who was in her 50s) setting up an account, writing a profile and browsing for potential companions.

    Almost all companions’ profiles: they like walking on a beach, read high-brow novels and non-fiction, keep themselves fit with “brisk walking”, enjoy fine dining, listen to classical music, go to theatre, and do crosswords. Oh, and they read The Guardian. Some were members of a local club, ranging from choir to amateur acting.

    Some quoted French quotes, some Latin and a couple were adventurous enough to quote a line or two from some dead German dude’s philosophical works. Almost all described themselves as “intelligent, down to earth, fun, loving, confident, lively and very witty”.

    All screamed “Middle Class!”

    My aunt kept muttering throughout all this: “How dreadfully dull. Oh, [uncle’s name], why did you leave me to face all this?”

    The dating site for mature companions we had a look at was both sweet and sad. They all seemed so sincere and eager. Anyhow, her current partner is someone she knew from their local rotary club. They knew each other for some twenty years. Heh.


  • Mireya
    December 13
    2:49 pm

    CEO from quilting company = TACKY

    Newly hired manager = stupid and bound to learn a very well deserved lesson unless he/she is related to the owners of the company… and why would the underlings want to hang out with this idiot anyway, I would be inventing excuses left and right to NOT hang out with this person (which I have done many times over since I started working full time over 25 years ago).

    Online dating sites = mixed reaction and mixed results. I know that it worked out for an author I used to be friends with. However, most people I’ve heard tried those (including my husband) had a so-so to outright bad experience with them. I did meet my husband online, but it was in an online, real-time, text-based role play game inspired by Anne McCaffrey’s Pern world (an approved one, she was particular about RPGs and fanfic). This was back in 1998, pre-WoW. Text based online RPGs were the precursors of today MMOs. Other people I know online met their now SOs online as well, but in different venues (message boards, chat rooms, social games online, MMOs, etc.) I tend to prefer that sort of “environment” (for lack of a better word) because those are sites in which users share at least one common interest. In my case, it was the love for Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern books. I feel it’s more “natural”, as people are not “creating” a persona that they think will please others… of course, there are always those online types that are “fake” anyway, so you really don’t know; but at least my husband and I didn’t try to be someone else, and it worked out for us.


  • Mireya, re: manager, that’s what I thought. After she told you how you are lazy and useless, why on earth would you want to go out with her? (Unless it is so that, the next time she wants to write you up for showing up for work all hungover, you can tell her to write herself up for the same reason). Either way, gah!

    Quilling: almost spam, wouldn’t you say? At the very least, it felt spam-y


  • Anon 76
    December 16
    11:30 pm

    Oh yeah. The new manager thing has been happening to me for almost 8 months. Drinking buds, the lot of them.

    What chaps my hiney is not one of them is as tough as my hubby and I were years ago. They come in all hung over and can barely move.

    I’m going to go out drinking with them sometime just to show them they are not all that.


  • I always wanted to try quilling. I think I even have a few supplies and a book!

    I’m leaving a very uninteresting comment, I know. The rest of your post just has me groaning… my replies are 1. tacky, 2. stupid and tacky and 3. tacky, dull and perhaps pretentious?


  • Christine, you should definitely try quilling. It takes a bit of practice but the results are definitely worth it. And it’s always amazing how something that looks so delicate can be so sturdy!.


  • book thing = tacky, IMO.

    The drinking thing = tacky AND stupid, IMO.

    The dating thing…shudder. don’t wanna do that. The guy isn’t allowed to die. Ever. And honestly, if he did, I think I’d just live it out alone, because nobody could be him.

    But if I was doing a book? Hmmm. I’d put up there… “I read. I write. If I take a walk, I’m usually snapping pictures while I do it and if I exercise, I’m griping, but I do it anyway. Maybe I don’t sound like everybody else here, but hey, I’m me and I don’t want to be anybody else.”

    If I read one about high brow lit, and fine dining and long walks, I’d be rolling my eyes and snorting… “yeah. right.”


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