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Newsy bits

Newsy bits

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

Discrete joy: Michelle Bachmann, self-dubbed “America’s Iron Lady” has dropped out of the race.

Much sadness: President Obama signing National Defense Authorization Act into law–it allows the indefinite detention by the military of US citizens who are apprehended domestically. See more at Demand Congress.

Requires action: SOPA hearings are right around the corner–via Ann Bruce’s blog, understand SOPA’s consequences for internet uses by reading these excellent posts at The Verge: What SOPA is, and the public debate,

The thing with being a not-so-closeted romantic is that when I find a couple that works for me, I get totally invested in their relationship. This could be a couple in a film, a regular TV programme, a soap, reality tv, or indeed a book.

Eve and Roarke will always be my favourite book couple as an adult, but back when I was a teenager, I was totally an Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe shipper. I loved them, and honestly, although they didn’t really interact that much in Anne of Green Gables, the possibility of them thrilled my little girly romantic heart to the core.

Before Anne and Gilbert, I was an Heidi and Peter shipper, and before them, I longed for Pollyanna to see how perfect Jimmy was for her. (more…)