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The thing with being a not-so-closeted romantic is that when I find a couple that works for me, I get totally invested in their relationship. This could be a couple in a film, a regular TV programme, a soap, reality tv, or indeed a book.

Eve and Roarke will always be my favourite book couple as an adult, but back when I was a teenager, I was totally an Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe shipper. I loved them, and honestly, although they didn’t really interact that much in Anne of Green Gables, the possibility of them thrilled my little girly romantic heart to the core.

Before Anne and Gilbert, I was an Heidi and Peter shipper, and before them, I longed for Pollyanna to see how perfect Jimmy was for her.

I realise that I’m a grown woman who perhaps should know better, but as a self-confessed One Tree Hill fan, Hayley and Nathan totally did it for me. I loved their on-screen chemistry, and who doesn’t love the idea of the geek getting the hot guy?

Being a fan of Smallville, I was always more into the action scenes, and fascinated by the dynamics of Clark and Lex Luthor’s relationship than I was with any of the potential romantic relationships. Clark and Lana didn’t work for me in the slightest, I don’t know why, but it was all waaaay too angsty. Jimmy and Chloe was such a meh relationship that I used to skip their scenes, and don’t get me started on Lois and Clark. In my opinion they had zero chemistry. A total yawn-fest in fact, right to the bitter end.

Then came Chloe and Oliver, and that was me, totally hooked. I thought they had amazing chemistry, and for me, although the build-up of their relationship came from out of left-field, it was great to watch it develop. Sod CLois, it was all about ChlOllie for me. *g*

Anyway, I now have a new favourite on-screen couple.

I love Arthurian legend, I really do. I started reading King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table books when I was really young, and ever since then, I’ve been fascinated by all things Camelot related. However, when I got into my late teens, I found that I’d started avoiding any films and TV programmes that were centred around Arthur and Guinevere. It was a sub-conscious choice that I’d made, and it wasn’t until a few years later that I realised why I’d started avoiding ArGuin books and films. As a romantic who loves the concept of happily ever after, I hated that Guinevere betrayed Arthur with Sir Lancelot. And I mean, HATED it.

At least until I discovered a new BBC show entitled Merlin.

Merlin was like Smallville, in that the story was about the younger versions of the original characters. It was also very similar to Smallville, because it played around with the legend. So for instance, Guinevere was actually a servant to Morgana, who in turn was Uther Pendragon’s beautiful and caring ward. Arthur Pendragon was a pompous ass, who had a great heart and a warrior’s soul, and Merlin was this clumsy, but totally loveable sorcerer who as Arthur’s manservant, had yet to reach his potential, and fulfill his destiny.

I started watching Merlin a couple of years ago, and honestly I’ve been hooked on it since. Ironically enough, my favourite thing about Merlin, apart from Merlin himself (played by the quite wonderful Colin Morgan) and the Dragon, Kilgharrah, (voiced by the simply delicious John Hurt) is Arthur and Guinevere. During the first series, they barely interacted, but you felt the potential and as much as the creators had a tendency to challenge and play around with the original stories, you knew that Arthur and Gwen were fated to fall in love. And so they did. Very slowly, but oh so beautifully.

If you’re an Arthurian legend fan, as well as a great big romantic like me, Merlin is a series to fall in love with. All of the characters are amazing, the stories are fantastic, and Arthur and Guinevere’s romance could not fail to melt your heart. Seriously.

Here’s a clip of my new favourite couple to whet your appetite:

*Happy sigh*

You can buy the DVD box set of series Merlin series one, here Series Two can be found here, and Season Three, here. Trust me, you wont be sorry.

And just because I love this double act as much as Arthur and Gwen, here’s a clip of Merlin and The Dragon:)

By the way, which fictional couples do you guys love to bits?

(PS, please let me know if you can’t see the Youtube vids for whatever reason)


  • I started watching this show but at times I’m just so damned shallow I horrify myself. Case in point, I was rather put off buy the bumblingness of Merlin and *gulp* his overly large ears. When I look at him, all I can see are ears. They are even worse than Charles -es.

    I know, I know – I’m hanging my head in shame.

    And then I got to thinking that it didn’t end so well between Arthur and Guinevere – she cheats on him with Lancelot – or so the story goes.


  • Oh but his unconventional looks are part of Colin Morgan’s charm, and tbh I find him totally adorable! I’m pretty sure that’s one of the reasons he was cast in the first place. Also I think Santiago Cabrera who plays Lancelot and the guys who play Gwaine and Percival provide enough of the hotness factor if you like that sort of thing.

    As for Gwen and Lancelot, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the bending of the rules when it comes to the love triangle.


  • Maybe I’ll give it another go then as it’s on every day here on The Space Station and there’s not much else on at the time it plays. And as you say, the supporting cast is definitely a plus – heh, heh, heh


  • Seriously, watch it and keep with it, you too will get suckered in!


  • I really liked the last BBC series of Robin Hood with that particular Robin and Marian. And hey, good to see you back now and then mate.


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