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Newsy bits

Newsy bits

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

Discrete joy: Michelle Bachmann, self-dubbed “America’s Iron Lady” has dropped out of the race.

Much sadness: President Obama signing National Defense Authorization Act into law–it allows the indefinite detention by the military of US citizens who are apprehended domestically. See more at Demand Congress.

Requires action: SOPA hearings are right around the corner–via Ann Bruce’s blog, understand SOPA’s consequences for internet uses by reading these excellent posts at The Verge: What SOPA is, and the public debate,

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  • I saw on the news last night that Michelle Bachman had dropped out. What worries me (and I’m not even a US citizen) is the other Republicans fighting for the Republican nomination.

    As for the indefinite detention of people? Hello? What happened to the right to a speedy trial by one’s peers? And…I wonder how it is going to go down with the rest of the world?

    *gets off soapbox*


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