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Where in the world is...?

Where in the world is…?

Saturday, January 7, 2012
Posted in: Azteclady Speaks

Given that I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, it may very well be that I’m also the only one in the romance community who doesn’t know. However, and just in the off chance that’s not the case: anyone knows anything about Egyptian author Olivia Gates?

Last January, when all the violence and media/internet block out was going on, there were a number of posts throughout the blogosphere, trying to bring some notice to her (then) latest release. Since then, though, I haven’t seen anything. Her website doesn’t seem to have been updated since late 2010 or perhaps very early 2011.

Amazon, though, has A Secret Birthright (A Harlequin Desire) listed as a release for January 3rd 2012.

And so I ask.

Has anyone heard from Ms Gates recently?


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