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Conflicted--is it cowardice, or picking my battles?

Via the awesome Jessica at Read React Review, I found myself reading this (sadly) incredibly accurate and so very well written post about oft used responses to misogyny in all its many and varied forms of expression.

In this particular case, the outrage comes from some utterly vile and threatening comments made to a 15yo girl who dared post a picture of herself holding Carl Sagan’s A Demon Haunted World on a subforum at reddit. (Nota bene: I’ve never read reddit and I have no clue how it operates.) Greta Christina quoted some of the worst offenders–I won’t, though I’ll tell you that if I were related to the girl in question I would have contacted the police over more than a few of them.

The thread that follows Greta Christina’s post is incredible–over 700 comments and counting. I have, as of right now, read less than 300 of those, and find myself more and more conflicted.

For example (more…)