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Too good to pass up (as blog fodder)


I was busy with other things yesterday when this review went up at Dear Author, but as I was coming over to post something else, Karen had already been there, done that, and come back to post about it.

Anyway, will you look at this precious, precious gem from Sandy:

For years, I was under the assumption that reviews are for readers. However, your “review” for Player’s Ultimatum seems to be more of an attack to the author (refer to your blog title). Why you would post something so clearly venomous is beyond my comprehension.
I have read MANY books that aren’t exactly stellar. However, due to the deeply ingrained ethic of professionalism I have, I wouldn’t blast someone like this. Every word of your review reeks of personalization. Rule number 1 of any Reviewer’s code is to NOT attack punctuation and grammar. Do you know how many “Best Seller” books I have read that contain grammatical errors? Sure, my OCD mind jumps all over it, but I refrain from the personal attacks. Maybe you missed the “Personal & Professional Ethics” memo. Hopefully, human resources will make many grammatical errors the next time they send it out. (Just to be sure it grabs your attention and sticks with you, of course).

You must be one of the following : a.) unpublished. b.) bitter. c.) in a delusional state in which you believe you are the next Siskel & Ebert of the Book Reviewers or d.) completely ignorant of the fact that ANY publicity is GOOD publicity.

Here’s a perfectly “cliche” comment for you: “Pot. Kettle. Black.” I’m sure with your vast intelligence, you will be able to fill in the blanks. (Refer to your truly incohesive review, if you are confused.)

Do I really need to elaborate here?

But that’s just the start (seriously, this is like comment ten or so). Naughty Girl pops up just a tad later with this oh so generous! offer:

This does read like a retaliation. And of course Jane supporters who probably have not read the book would try to discredit the author. My husband is an attorney and I asked him if this blogger would be libel for her actions, being that she purposefully solicited information from the author for a lawsuit then slammed her work on a public forum, Koko you would be really interested in his response. So click on my name and send me an email and I will put you in contact with him. (especially if you have the emails from jane).

I haven’t read your book (I don’t read much IR books) but I think I’ll pick it up now so I can be one of the informed reviewers, not a Jane follower.

All I have to say? This. This. This. ¹

And cockpuppets.




¹ I suspect I could go farther back in history–or look sideways for contemporary posts in other blogs–but there is really little point: those who read them already know (and have internalized) them. Those who need to read and process what we are saying will never get off their high horse long enough to learn.


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  • Mireya
    January 24
    2:54 pm

    I haven’t added anything to my personal blog in months, and was very tempted to write something on this topic. I may still do it, for my own entertainment. *g*


  • If you can’t add, don’t become an accountant. If you can’t hold a shovel, don’t become a ditch digger. And if you can’t spell or punctuate, don’t become a writer.

    Simple, isn’t it?


  • Cockpuppets.

    You are forever adding to my vernacular, Karen.


  • *cough*


  • I love this bit: “Rule number 1 of any Reviewer’s code is to NOT attack punctuation and grammar.” That’s almost as good as the every-review-must-read-like-an-academic-paper-with-your-opinion-forming-the-thesis nonsense.

    Cockpuppets? Jeez, AL, you’re corrupting me. ;-P


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