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I’m annoyed today. I’ve just read about yet another child that was killed by one of her parents.

For me, yet more proof that that bloke in the Sky couldn’t give a rat’s arse.

I’d be a great mother, why can’t I get pregnant and stay pregnant?

Yes, I’m annoyed today.

Rant over.


  • Zilla
    January 29
    6:30 pm

    Just miscarried twins a week ago at 12 weeks. Horrible thing to go through, at 37. I cannot imagine going through that again. You must really, really, really want children to keep trying after such a thing. It is very hard on the body and gives new meaning to the term cramps. I will never complain about mere cramps again. Bah.
    Seeing all these woman wanting desperately to have children and not be able to and all these people who have been lucky enough to carry full term, but abusing the privilege makes me sick.

    What’s it all for?


  • Just yesterday I saw a few minutes of a tv show…Supernanny? A couple had 10 children and twins on the way. The kids were all violent and out of control. Mom said she was sick of them. The dad beat them with a belt for punishment.

    It made me so sad and disgusted, I ranted to my husband when he got home. I couldn’t believe these parents were sick of their own children, but still having more. WTF.

    I’m sorry. It’s so unfair.


  • Kerry
    January 31
    1:46 pm

    I’m so sorry, Karen. I hope it happens for you someday. (((hugs))))


  • Oh Zilla! (((((hugs)))))


  • Zilla
    January 31
    6:57 pm

    You tooo
    Hang in there.
    Now my man wants to get a vasectomy. He is tired of going through it.
    So that is that I guess.


  • Lori
    February 5
    4:30 am

    I couldn’t carry a pregnancy to term and because of that I ended up adopting my daughter. She became mine when she was 9 months old and now she’s 10 going on 40 and except for the fact that we look nothing alike, she’s 100% my child.

    Motherhood can be found in many ways.

    I hope you find your way.


  • Thanks Lori:) So glad you found your baby at last.


  • I sincerely hope with all my heart that you find your baby, Karen. The same goes to others who are trying..

    Zilla, I’m so sorry for your loss. xo


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