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A lesson in management (or, how to fuck that up)

Where I work, everyone but salary managers and (hourly) shift supervisors provide availability so that, when the weekly schedule is made, you are not expecting employee A to show up while he’s sitting in anatomy class two hours away.

Manager R has been making the schedule for a couple of months–and oh my lord it sucketh ass. (Read: we’ve spent a lot of time waiting for A to show up, while he’s looking at bones and muscles somewhere else)

Manager B was in charge of training, so there would be times when unknown-to-anyone-else employee X would show up, as clueless as the rest of us, for ‘training’ (on what? for how many hours?). Not happy with that clusterfuck, manager B tells employee C to show up for training at this time, on this day…only to send him right back home the moment he shows up (after driving 20 minutes, mind you) because “we don’t need you right now.” ¹


Manager J decided to transfer employe K to another store–realizing right after the paperwork is complete that we don’t have anyone who can cover K’s position during the hours she was available.

His solution? Schedule employee N–outside her availability–to cover those shifts, while scrambling to train employee S (who, by the way, sucks at it) to regularly cover those slots.

*head desk*

Best part of last week: manager A asks manager J whether N will indeed cover K’s shift on Saturday. J’s answer, “I don’t know, she made me so angry² that I hung up on her.”



I need a new job–three months ago.

 * * * * *

¹ The second time he asked her, right out, “then why the fuck did you schedule me for training?” She’s lucky he didn’t do it in front of customers.

² Angry because she’s “bitching” about having to work when she’s not available to do it, how dare she, the bitch.


  • Mireya
    February 7
    1:20 pm

    I truly feel for you, at least I only have to deal with one. 🙁 And what’s with all those “managers”? As if it wasn’t enough to have to deal with 1 or 2 incompetent asshats.


  • katieM
    February 8
    12:04 am

    Too many managers. Who’s their boss? Maybe that person should be made aware of all the mismanagement going on.


  • Well, we need several managers because we are open 16hrs, seven days a week–someone has to be in charge, right?

    And indeed, my boss’s boss–and his boss–are very much aware of things going awry on an almost daily basis at the store. Which means now we also have them showing up twice a week or more–so you can add three to four people to the regular four managers.


  • Anon 76
    February 9
    10:46 pm

    The sad part is having all that management show up means they are eating labor hours. All of that goes on the books for your particular workplace. If they are sitting doing schedules and training? Must cut down on the grunt labor because this is “how many people it takes to service our customers during these hours.” Doesn’t matter a whit if the hours are used for that other mandatory stuff and none of those bigwigs actually service anyone.

    I feel your pain. Been there done that. In mmmaaaannnyyy places. I walked off one job after months of working extra hours when I specifically stated at hire I could only work 24 per week, but even the crappy shifts or partials were okay. I was working on my second book (at the time under contract.)

    Then I walked in one day and was told, “You’re going to have to cover six days a week, eight hour days until we figure out what to do. No one will show up for work for sure, so we need you.”

    I promptly told them to, well, bite something. I had the advantage of having my hubby working so we wouldn’t go homeless. VERRA tight, but not homeless. (Lots of Ramen noodles, lol)

    So I sooooooooooo understand being subjected to that. Idiocy in the food industry, okay many industries, abounds.


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