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I shouldn't be surprised

…and actually, I’m not quite sure surprise covers my reaction. Outrage is in there, for sure, but there is an element of incredulity.

During the RWI debacle, someone at the SBTB commented that it wouldn’t be long before there were cries from conservatives about how de ghays oppress and bully them–and not shortly after, this comment popped up at Courtney Milan’s blog.

And then, when the furor has calmed down some, someone calling itself SeaLaughing left this screed (without a link, of course):

As both a published author & a long-time supporter of the G&L community, I believe this is an example of the bullied becoming bullies themselves. What none of you seem to understand is that there are many genres & sub-genres in the field of romance. This particular chapter is concerned with paranormal romances ONLY. There are G&L romances being written & published; those are considered part of another genre. For the G&L community to insist on inclusion EVERYWHERE is like Catholics whining because they aren’t invited to the Hanukkah parties!

I really believe that many younger members of the G&L community are intent on becoming martyrs, and that saddens me. My sibling is bi, but even before he admitted this to me, I already had numerous G&L friends. I support gay rights, including same-sex marriage, but I feel many of the G&L community are seeing discrimination where none exists.

I’m of mixed racial heritage, but I look white. When I was younger, a black man accused me of prejudice because I refused to go out with him. He wouldn’t believe my refusal was due to the fact that he behaved like a complete jerk, because it was easier to be a martyr & call me a bigot than face the fact that his own behavior alienated me. I think, in many cases, the same thing is happening among members of the G&L community.

The G&L community sees themselves as being bullied by the rest of the world, and refused to look at how they are bullying others!

This chapter has the right to limit their contest to specific material, and if you don’t fit that criteria, it doesn’t necessarily indicate discrimination. They also were not accepting Young Adult stories, or Regency, or many other categories, because all they were concerned with was a narrow slice of the romance field that they, themselves, specialized in. You’re attacking them over their personal preferences, but how is this any different from those who try to make gays give up THEIR personal preferences?
I’m hetero, & I couldn’t begin to count the number of lesbians who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, insisting that I’m just “a virgin” and they can “make me like it.” I don’t hold the actions of a few against the whole, but to me, the pressure they put on me to convert me to their lifestyle is no different than the Christians who attempt to ‘cure’ gays & lesbians. And this is more of the same: you have the right to live your life without being harassed, but you have no right to harass others who don’t agree with YOUR lifestyle.

I’ve heard many people – who aren’t homophobic – complaining lately that they’re sick of hearing the G&L community ‘whine’ over every little imagined slight. It seems to me, and to others I’ve spoken with, that many gays are becoming paranoid and overly sensitive. I would like to point out that over-zealous, aggressive attacks against the heterosexuals is not the way to win converts. Trying to force others to give you respect will not work.

The G&L community claims to hate bullying, but they need to be careful that they, themselves, do not become the thing they hate.

So raising awareness when you are not treated as a full human being is ‘whining’–oh, and being excluded from events, such at the MTM contest, that you were admitted to in the past, is an imagined slight, not discrimination, you silly babies you.



  • There were a few comments made on a RWA list about how sad it was that RWI had to shut their contest down because of “internet bullies”. Clueless. They are absolutely clueless.


  • JoanneF
    February 9
    4:35 pm

    “Bullies” has become the latest conservative buzzword. You see it all over now in the Susan G. Komen thing and in the fight back against Prop 8. I think Rush must’ve given them their marching orders because it can’t be an coincidence that they’re all using the same epithet simultaneously, so now everyone who calls them on their agenda of intolerance is now dubbed “bully.”


  • Malcolm X said “if you’re not careful, the media will have you loving the oppressor and hating the oppressed.” It’s a lot easier to identify with the oppressor when you’re not a member of the oppressed group (and sometimes even if you are.) People like the status quo. The way it’s always been done is comfortable and doesn’t require critical thinking. These people count in that. Most unfortunate, but there you go.


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