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I’m such a Maya Banks fangirl. Her writing seems to get better and better, and better. Read the KGI, series if you don’t believe me.

She sent me three of her latest category books from the Pregnancy and Passion line, and I love her for that. Maya, Shiloh Walker, and Dee Tenorio are three authors who consistently send me books despite my rarely reviewing them. In case I’ve never said it before, I’m ever so appreciative of this, especially when one considers that I live in England, so postage is probably quite expensive.

Anyway, here’s the blurb for the book from the back cover:

Despite his fiancee’s chilling betrayal, developer Ryan Beardsley provided for Kelly Christian when he sent her packing. So he’s livid to find her working in a dingy Houston diner, desperate and pregnant. Regardless of whether the baby is his–or his brother’s–Ryan demands that Kelly return to New York with him. Now. For the baby’s sake. Or maybe because the woman’s as irresistible as ever…

This was the review that I posted at Goodreads: (more…)